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May 18, 2007 04:19 PM

style and sophistication in Positano? Next2.

Maybe I've been going to the wrong places, but I haven't been to a restaurant like Next2 since I left San Francisco... a waiter who describes the dishes to you in detail (and in perfect english) and answers all your questions about the local fish? A sleek modern all-white decor?? an amuse-bouche??? The food is Italian-minus-the-rustic - as in, tuna tartare out of the fresh tuna catch from neighboring Praiano, tomato sauces that are delicate and strained down to the essence. We went there because we saw a little Conde Nast Traveler "Hot Tables" sign and the review seemed promising ( The prices are higher than stated now - but not higher than the tourist beach-side spots. It was a totally unexpected and refreshing find!

Via Pasitea, 242 Positano

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