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May 18, 2007 04:16 PM

Vancouver market info

We have an apt. rental in Kitsilano June 12-21 and want some tips/recs about various markets. Have already got a long list of all the restaurants we want to try, but we also want to take advantage of the bounty available fresh in the markets to cook some meals ourselves. No car, so public transit access a consideration.

Are there better days for different farmer's/public markets, for seafood, fresh veggies, etc....also, is there anything comparable to Whole Foods with a wide range of organic/healthy stuff?

Off topic, we also love flea/antique markets...what are the best choices for Vancouver?

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  1. The only flea market htat I know of is on Terminal Ave, which is kind of near Chinatown. It is in a long, red building and you pay a small fee to enter. I have found a few treasures there, but there is also a proliferation of utter junk. If you are interesteed in a small road trip down to Washington, there is a great antique shop town. I had a great time.

    Granville Island Market offers great selection of produce and seafood vendors. THere are a couple of good bakeries there too (Terra Breads). The fish is really fresh there. You can take the Aquabus from Yaletown (2 min ride).

    There is a Whole Foods in West Vancouver, which is quite a hike from Kitsilano. Capers now belongs to Whole Foods as well, but has a slightly different feel and carries more local goods (mostly organics). There is one on Cambie and one on Robson, and fortunately for you, one in Kitsilano on 4th Ave (by the Safeway). You'll find that Vancouver grocery stores are pretty good for organics compared to other Canadian cities.

    Hope you enjoy it. When the sun is out, vancouver is quite remarkable. None of us are allowed to become jaded as the sun rarely stays out for too long.

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      There's a Thursday Farmer's Market right beside Granville Island Market and the Riley Psrk Framer's Market starts mid June up in Mount Pleasant

      Fresh Seafood is often sold from boats Fisherman's Wharf right next to Granville Island just steps from the fabulous Go Fish Ocean Emporium-this is a short walk and even shorter bike ride from Kitsilano.

      The best/cheapest veggies though are for sale up on Broadway (9th Ave) at the numerous greengrocers the best of which is the cacophonous and crowded Young Bros-something of a local legend these days.

      I suggest you rent bicycles from somewhere like or even buy a couple of cheapies from which isn't far and is also close to a number of Antique stores on Main Street.

      Bike routes

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        Many thanks, Sam + Alex...those sound like great suggestions....getting bikes sounds like a good plan!

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          I always go the the Farmer's market at Trout Lake (only on Saturdays) it is pretty easy to get to by public transport and it is relatively close to Commercial drive with its great coffee shops and assorted restaurants

    2. Hi All, does anyone know is US Customs will allow one to bring fresh fish from Vancouver?

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        I am pretty sure that fish is ok. I remember seeing a thread on the General Chowhounding Topics started by an actual US Customs Official where he generally answered a lot of specific questions, down to herbs, fresh or ground.

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          Sportfishermen take tonnes of fish from BC back to the USA every year.