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May 18, 2007 03:51 PM

RIP Rubbermaid Scrapers

I've been looking for the past few months--with no success--for Rubbermaid brand rubber scrapers. The old-fashioned kind. Some of them had plastic handles; some of them had wooden handles. They often fell apart, but I just smooshed them back together.

I do not like the new generation, silicone, heat-resistant scrapers that are on the market. Most of them are too thick at the edge, and the ones which are thinner are either too floppy or way too stiff to do a good job of really scraping the dredges out of a bowl of cake batter or guacamole or whipped cream.

Am I alone? Am I the only one who misses the old, meltable scrapers? Surely other people get a kick out of squeegeeing the last bit of goo out of mixing bowls and jars. . . right?

If anyone knows where I can get the old ones, I'd love to know. And if anyone knows of a new variety that functions as well as the old, please. . .help me out.


I'll have to go HERE.

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  1. We bought some recently at a resturant supply store. Plastic handles and they had a number of different sizes

    1. I had to replace my Rubbermaid spatula recently because the plastic handle snapped in half while I was using it - the new one has a very thin handle...which I need to replace because its just not sturdy. Sounds like I will have to look around - or spend a lot on eBay to replace it.

      1. A company called Chef'n has come out with a nicely designed spatula, which they call a Switchit. It's double bladed--broad and narrow. But what's so cool is the heavy metal patterned insert visibly encased in the silicone, which lends, with style, the right amount of weight and rigidity to the tool. Worth a look.