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May 18, 2007 03:46 PM

Beef vs. Pork Ribs - what's the diff?

I like them both. They both have merits...
but beyond Beef is from Texas / Pork is more popular in the Carolinas, I just buy whats on sale...
So help me out. Can you really say that pork ribs are more tender, or that beef ribs have more meat on the bone?
Do they require different treatment?
What else?

Thank you for your insights.

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  1. A very intriguing question. I've eaten in a lot of barbeque restaurants in Texas, and can't remember ever having come across a "beef rib". They are mostly pork spare ribs, and every now and then, you find baby back ribs. I've eaten beef short ribs, braised and cooked in an iron dutch oven for a long period of time, but, never really liked them that much. Once or twice ate beef ribs, by mistake. The mistake was that the person who cooked them didn't realise that pork ribs are what are offered in barbeque restaurants. They didn't leave much of an impression on me. I look forward to replies to your interesting question!!!

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      You are more likely to find beef ribs in West and South Texas. Pork ribs are still more popular in east Texas. It seems like Pork ribs are also more popular in Central Texas, but you can still find beef ribs at some great barbecue spots. I really like the ones from Gonzales Meat Market in Gonzales Texas.

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        I honestly prefer pork ribs, beef ribs are drier and I could think they have less fat, so I would recommend cooking for less time than pork. You can recognize them because each bone is longer than pork's and when eating it feels like little strands of meat you are ripping.

      2. Depends on cooking style.
        American BBQ - Pork ribs
        Roasting - Prime rib
        Korean BBQ - Beef ribs, either LA or flanken cut, or traditional butterfly cut.
        Soups - either/or

        1. Beef ribs (not short ribs) are typically chewier and fattier than pork spare ribs. You can barbeque them the same way but use different spices that would be more appropriate on beef rather than pork. The actual ribs themselves are also much bigger and meatier, as you can imagine a cow is much bigger than a pick. Also, in stores and restaurants, I dont know if I've ever seen an intact set of beef ribs, they are usually sold cut into individual ribs.

          1. Pork ribs are more flavorful I think.

            1. The difference to me? I've never liked beef ribs. Ever. Just the thought of them makes me gag a little.