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May 18, 2007 03:43 PM

Does COOKBOOK CO. send gift packages to the US?

I need to send a reaaly nice foody THANK YOU to someone in NY and I was hoping to put together some of Canada's best yummy stuff..... I have looked around the net and been dissapointed w/ choices.... I/m sure Cookbook would do a great job....but will they ship to NY?

Anyone have any other suggestions..... I want the stereotypically Canadian stuff...maple syrup etc...and other specialty items.....

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  1. My thought would be no. It is really difficult as a business in Canada to ship food items across the border (ever since the beef crissis) And gift baskets pose the most trouble for paper work at the border as all ingredients of all items need to be listed! You can imagine how tricky this might be!
    It is best, and my suggestion that you find the basket you would like, or assemble it your self. and ship it via Canada Post as a "gift" from one individual to an other. Then you should be able to do a bulk claim of "gift Basket" and cross your fingers it doesn't get held up too long in customs. But you should be buying shelf stable foods, as I have seen baskets held up for weeks at a time!
    Good Luck!

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      They have a great website Why not ask them directly?