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May 18, 2007 03:34 PM

Good choices near NOMA

Will soon be visiting the FFF exhibit at the NO Museum of Art. What's out there? I've already called Ralph's on the Park and it's booked that night. Further suggestions are highly appreciated.
thanks, hounds

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  1. Cafe Degas is fantastic - and since it definitely has a French influence you'll enjoy it even more in combination with FFF!

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      Thanks, I'm going to look online for the location and if you have any favorite dishes that would help also.

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          Thanks for a perfect recommendation!!! We loved the atmosphere, the friendly yet professional waitstaff, the personable middle aged waiter who as it turns out is related to Degas, and the many fine choices on the lunch menu. It was a perfect prequel to the "Femme, Femme, Femme" exhibit. The Degas Cafe is a quaint stopping point in a lovely district of New Orleans. The weather cooperated and we parked two blocks away and strolled over to the cafe. Then took a place to wait opposite the kitchen. Frankly, although we could have waited on the deck or outside, we enjoyed the view into the kitchen and decided that the seared tuna with salad nicoise appeared to be dish to choose. And we were not disappointed. We also had fried sweetbreads for an appetizer, tasty but not what I'm accustomed to. I like sweetbreads poached with a buttery creamy sauce. The wait staff is great, they handled a busy graduation weekend with total aplomb and remained more than friendly - I would say "sweet." The maitre de' and one of the chefs stopped to chat with us while we waited to be seated. I plan to go back often and would like to be seated on the porch near the street. I want to taste the french onion soup and the quiche.

        2. Went out to see the FFF last weekend. Not a bad exhibit, but don't miss the sculpture garden if it isn't too hot.

          Man! I would have loved to know about Cafe Degas before I went!

          1. Travel down Esplanade (intersection near the museum) and try Marigny Brasserie. It will take about 15 minutes to get there) Great food and great service. It's truly a neighborhood eatery with style.