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May 18, 2007 02:53 PM

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Who has the best besides Gio Cucina??

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  1. I've never had it, but I think Dan Tana's ( ), is supposed to do a good version of this dish. (Note that Dan Tana's is one of those places that has both admirers and detractors on this board, both of whom seem to feel very passionately about their views.)

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    1. re: David Kahn

      WOW!!! For $32 a pop I'd expect each shrimp to have pedigree papers

    2. Gets mixed reviews, but Peppone has a nice spicy one.
      San Gennaro Cafe in Brentwood
      Guido's is more reasonably priced.
      Vitello's has it, but I'm not a fan of this place.

      1. neils pasta in Pedro.
        Wonderful shrimp, spicey sauce that has morels and withit salad, vegies, potato or pasta and a very nice dupping sauce for the home-baked bread. $23.