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May 18, 2007 02:18 PM

Kaiseki Ryori in Tokyo


We will be stopping in Tokyo for 4 days in July before journeying onwards to HK... Can't miss out on the chance of sampling Japanese haute cuisine! Appreciate any recommendations on a great spot for kaiseki. Is it reasonable to expect to spend around $150pp?



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  1. If you don't speak Japanese, I would recommend Kitcho underneath the Seiyo Ginza Hotel. Fabulous food and English is spoken.

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    1. re: HKTraveler


      Is it necessary to make reservations far in advance for kaiseki ryori? Or is it okay to arrive in Tokyo first and ask the hotel conceirge to take care of that for us? We are only staying in Tokyo for 4 days in July.


      1. re: TravelToEat

        If you are making reservations at the hotel ahead of time, you might mention it then, just to smooth things out.

    2. I would recommend Kozue Restaurant in the Park Hyatt Shinjuku Hotel. Your hotel desk (if you're not staying at Park Hyatt yourself) should be able to make a booking for you. English is a viable option and the food is really quite good kaiseki ryori indeed.