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May 18, 2007 02:08 PM

Going to Central on Saturday.......

anything on the menu that i should not miss?

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    1. The faux gras or the charcuterie plate (includes the faux gras) if you have folks to share it with. The short ribs for a main course. The side dishes are very good, don't miss those. Some of the food is very rich, like the fried chicken or the macaroni and cheese, so though it is great, it's best for sharing.

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        Just realize the faux gras is nothing like real foie gras- doesn';t taste the same at all. Do not miss the tartar if you like that, the gougeres are incredible as well.

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          i thought the faux foie was delicious but way tooo salty. the lobster burger had too much scallop as an binder. decent wine list and a beautiful looking kitchen. the prosciutto app. was very good. tasted clean, not overly gamey. tuna carpaccio tasted clean as well w/ a nice textural contrast from the brunoise of garnish on top of the carpaccio.

        2. take a menu with you and post it here!
          I can't find one and an comtemplating going there over memorial day weekend with company.

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            Check out menupages (here's the direct link to the Central menu: Haven't been yet myself, but looking forward to trying it soon...

          2. Don't miss the tuna burger. Also the kitkat dessert.

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              Thanks for all of the suggestions!! We went on Saturday night and my wife and I both really enjoyed it. We started with the cheese puffs and they were good, but they arent as good as popovers at BLT and they are free at BLT as opposed to $7 at central, but they were good none the less. I started with the Filet Mignon Tartar, it was fantastic! my biggest complaing was that it was WAY too much food. After the bread, cheese puffs and tartar i was nervous i wouldnt have room for my lobster burger. My wife started with the goat cheese ceaser, which she enjoyed. The biggest plus is when you order the goat cheese ceaser at Central you can get the dressing on the side, something that was frowned upon when my wife tried to do the same thing at Citronelled and got denied. For Dinner she got the rotissere chicken and LOVED it! When it came out it was so juicy and crispy we actually asked the waiter if they had brought out the fried chicken by mistake, but he assured that was not the case. Back to my Lobster burger, it was everything i thought it would be! abslotluely delicious, as were the fries that came with it. for desert we got the Kit Kat bar and we both enjoyed it very much. one of the highlights of the night was Giada from the food network came in shortly after we were seated. Being the foodie that I am, my wife and I got a big kick out of that. Also, the entire channel 4 news team was there at one large table. Overall, i would have to say it was one of the best meals I have had in a while, i am dying to go back and try some other stuff on the menu as soon as i can get another reservation!