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May 18, 2007 12:01 PM

Downtown for an Out-of-Towner Tonight

Hi - My chef husband is out in LA from NY and looking for a good-to-great place downtown that won't break the bank for a party of 5 tonight.

He and his party are unfamiliar with the terrain. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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  1. For a superb 360 deg. view and superb dining atop the SBC bldg on Olive is THE TOWER RESTAURANT (also known as Windows). Did you say Daddy has a bank !! STEPPS on THE COURT at Hope St. If you like Asian food 1000 Cranes in Little Tokyo. Also The Biltmore on Olive has great restaurant, anyone know the name.

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    1. re: letynjery

      I think you mean Bernard's or Smeralda's? I'd say avoid the hotel places.

    2. There's the always-reliable Roy's, at the corner of 8th & Fig. One of the best restaurants in downtown. Not cheap, but not the most expensive either, and I think you get very good value for your money. The places mentioned in the post above will cost as much ore more, and aren't nearly as good (and are unlikely to impress your chef husband).

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        restaurant by biltmore is "water grill" which is great! also down the street on olive st is "cicada" which has one of the nicest room in downtown. they filmed pretty woman where she flanged the escargot...

        1. re: rickym13

          Not sure what lunabug meant by "won't break the bank" but Watergrill will definitely groove the cracks ...

      2. I went to Pete's at 4th and Main last Friday for the first time with friends, and we had a great meal in the bar. Food and drinks were tasty and reasonably price, and the historic building has a nice ambiance.

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        1. re: caketress

          Thanks, all. Pete's was one of the places I came up with from my homebase Googling. Wood Spoon also looked good. I think that's where I would want to try. And maybe Cuidad?

          1. re: lunabug

            Ciudad is OK- but I think some of the other suggestions will be better in terms of food, although Ciudad is a nice place to do cocktails before dinner... R23 (someone mentions it below) is pretty good as well.

            1. re: lunabug

              Definitely consider Wood Spoon. Great Brazillian food and the lady-owner is super friendly.

              Pork burger and the grilled fish are highlights. People like the pot pie in part because it is SO big.

              Great homey place that serves up solid food.

          2. It depends on your definition of "break the bank". Water Grill is the best seafood restuarant in town with superb food and service, but will be expense account expensive and there are few bargains on the wine list if that is important. Patina at the Disney Hall is in a similar price range. Noe, at the Omni Hotel, is fairly expensive also. Nic and Stef's Steakhouse in the Wells Foargo Center is also somewhat expensive. Daily Grill, Engine Company 28 and Cafe Pinot are a notch lower in cost. Traxx at Union Station gets good marks on this board. Roy's, as mentioned, could be a good choice.

            1. If your husband likes Japanese, there's a lot of places in nearby Little Tokyo. One suggestion is R23 - ambience is nice (modern) with good fish and decent prices. It's not cheap, but it won't break the bank either.

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              1. re: maybelle

                Suehiro for Japanese, definitely in the inexpensive category, great donburi, tempura is excellent....nothing elaborate, just good comfort food.