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May 18, 2007 11:57 AM

Lower East Side date place?

I'm an out of towner, she's a local. First technical date (long story). Been a while since we've seen each other. Lower East Side. Any suggestions?

As for price, not something fixed, but anything goes really. And any type of food...

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  1. Apizz, Azul, The Orchard, Tides

        1. re: jsmitty

          i think inoteca is a bit hectic for a date. I agre with you on the orchard.

        1. Zucco: Le French Diner !! zee bessssssst!! orchard near houston

          1. Another vote for Tides, the teensy "shack" with delicious fish and seafood. Stylish minimalist decor and a truly unique ceiling.


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            1. re: RGR

              i didnt have a reservation and walked into tides. they had a 2 hour wait. it is really tiny. but i was concerned that the whole place stunk from fish. assuage my doubts please

              1. re: jsmitty

                Mermaid Inn! Had my first real one-on-one romantic date with my current boyfriend there, and now we live together. Yummy, lovely atmosphere, but not too "much".

                  1. re: Jel212

                    mermaid inn is in the the east is good though

                  2. re: jsmitty

                    jsmitty, All I can say is that there was no fishy odor when we were there, and I've never read any mention of such a problem on this board or on any other food forum.

                  3. re: RGR

                    I've never been to Tides but the architect is notable, whichs make it a worthy destination. He also did Xing in Hell's kitchen.

                    1. re: psawce

                      It is an architectural gem, and the ceiling is amazing! You can see photos here: