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May 18, 2007 11:48 AM

Mairin's Table (MSP)

My boyfriend and I were on our way to Fugaise to try it out and came across Mairin's Table. If you don't look closely, you'll miss it - seeing I missed it for two years passing it by on my way to work. It is located facing 1st vs. the busy Hennepin street and shares its parking lot with NE Bulldog. (Across from Surdyks). I found the space to be charming, intimate and I'm afraid - with lack of customers. Maybe I hit it on a bad night, but we were the only two there. It was 8pm on a Thursday night! I got the tagine with chicken and couscous. To be honest, it is not their best dish. The couscous was dry and true tagine takes 45 minutes to make - and this came out dry in 10. But Dave got the beef stroganoff which was truly sensational. Decent wine and beer list. If you want cozy atmosphere in the Northeast - I would give Mairin's a try!

23 NE Fourth St
Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 746-4272

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  1. This is one of our favorite recent finds. We've had a few outstanding dishes there - the hummous and bruchetta appetizers really stood out. I thought their meatloaf was fantastic, while TCL really enjoyed the veggie Tagine. (I wasn't as impressed by the Chicken Tagine)

    On Saturday afternoon, they have half price bottles of wine, and half price small plates - a great deal!

    Has anyone been to their Morroccan Night? It is the first Saturday of each month, and features a special menu.

    Their website is:

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    1. Mairin's Table is a great place to go when you want good food in a nice, cozy setting, and you don't want to wait for a table. It's a shame that they're not more busy, but it's lovely to be able to waltz in during prime dining hours and sit right down. If this place was in Uptown, I think there would be lines out the door.

      On my first visit there, I had salmon and lentils (a special), which was divine. I still dream of that dish...


      1. I have been at Mairin's twice-both using a Happenings Coupon. I was not impressed either time. The first time I had roasted chicken, which was dry, and the second time I had the strogonoff, which I didn't think was that great. My twenty year old sister said "underwhelming" was the word we were looking for. She had the Sheperd's Pie which I tried, and it wasn't that great. It was so cute that both times I wanted to like it, and both times we were the only ones in the restaurant.

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          I highly recommend sticking with the Moroccan influenced dishes at Mairin's. The pastilla, scallops w/ charmoula and lamb tagine are very good as is the pulled chicken with preserved lemon & buttermilk harrisa. The merguez sausage dinner is a good comfort food. You can get stroganoff at Noodles & Co and shepard's pie at Keegans...