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May 18, 2007 11:44 AM

Best Cocktails in LA - who's got 'em?

So who do you think makes the most inventive & well-crafted cocktails in town? Personally, my vote goes w/ Hungry Cat. I've never been disappointed with anything I've had there...but, I'm growing a little weary w/ the Cat. Where else would you recommend that I go for something along those lines?

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  1. what's your favorite drink at Hungry Cat?

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    1. re: inonot

      Hands down, the Greyhound Proper...but then again, I'm a gin girl.
      The last time I was there I had another that I really enjoyed, the Howling Wolf. It nice to have a cocktail w/ a slight bit of heat to it. Reminded me of a drink that I had at Vong.

      1. re: inonot

        i had cucumber martini once at hungry cat which was awesome!

      2. STEPPS ON THE COURT, Hope Street get there early because it has great food and lots of elbow brushing and people watching. For another spot, try Tiki Ti's on Sunset, smaller and lots of colorful characters having fun.

        1. I gotta say Hungry Cat. Matthew made a pisco sour that was fan-freakin-tastic.

          I had another thread looking for the best bartenders in LA, with the assumption that where the best bartenders are, the best drinks follow.

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            Musso for Martinis. Green Street for Negronis straight up. Everything else: Hungry Cat. For whiskies on the rocks or neat: Seven Grand.

          2. If you like fruity drinks, Fat Fish in WeHo makes some good ones. They use fresh ingredients for their mixers.

            1. Xiomora for Mojitos- they juice real sugar cane instead of using grainy sugar crystals.

              Tiki Ti definitely for the fruity variety.

              Hungry Cat is good but so is Lucques, their sister restaurant. They don't have the list that Cat does, but their bartenders are top notch. Had great juleps and martinis there.

              That's all I've got.