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May 18, 2007 11:31 AM

looking for quail eggs in pdx

I've tried Zupan's, Whole Foods, New Season's, City Market and the food coop on Thurman. Any other ideas?

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  1. Try the PSU farmer's market or any of the asian markets. Whole Foods usually has them.

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    1. re: duckduck

      Yep, you can get fresh OR canned at the Asian markets.

      1. re: extramsg

        Is Fou Lee still open on 39th and Belmont? I used to go there, or Ben Thanh up on Sandy. In Beaverton, the best places for quail eggs were Uwajiaya, Manila, or the A Dong market on Main Street. I have seen fresh quail eggs at Whole Foods near the produce section where they keep all the loose eggs -- Ostrich and goose eggs in baskets of straw. Actually, now that I think about it, Uwajimaya on Hillsdale Hwy might be your best bet because they are used in sushi preparations.

        1. re: anhdeluxe

          I think the place on 39th-ish and Belmont was called Phu Hoa. I don't think they're currently open. I think they're redoing that area.

          The best place up on Sandy is Thanh Thao. 65th-ish, maybe? One of the better ones, really.

          Best two are probably Fubonn and Uwajimaya -- at least they have the most. Fubonn has pissed me off a couple times lately with produce quality and stock and having people, both Hispanics and Chinese, who don't actually know anything about the produce they're putting out. I used the Thai, Bahasa, Chinese, and English names for water spinach or whatever you want to call it and it took me like 5 people before I could find someone who knew what the hell I was talking about to tell me they were out and that they had no clue when they'd be getting some more.

          I like An Dong on Powell for multi-purpose Asian, as well. Lily Market on Halsey is easily the best Thai market and pretty good overall, although the produce really varies in quality. Paldo and the place up on 82nd north of Pho Van are both good for Korean stuff.

          Those are the ones I go to most often.


          1. re: extramsg

            I don't see what being Hispanic or Chinese really has to do with how much one knows about produce...

            1. re: clearskies0810

              Well, you'd expect Hispanics not to be familiar with Asian produce, but you wouldn't expect also the Chinese employees to be unfamiliar. (We need to change PDX to PCX. Ugh.)

      2. I just bought 2 dozen from Fubonn last weekend. They have plenty (as do almost all other Asian grocery stores).

        1. Try the Boohan, Lotte, or 99 Ranch outlets.