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May 18, 2007 11:10 AM

Large Quantities of Charcoal - Baltimore Area

I have a Kamado grill and go through charcoal pretty quickly. The bags I buy at Lowe's or Home Depot (Cowboy Coal) don't last very long.

We just moved to Maryland and I am wondering if any of you know of any place in the Baltimore area that sells lump charcoal in large quantities - anything larger than the usual supermarket sized bags.

I would also consider ordering by mail from an east coast distributor but can't find any leads.

Kamado makes a good charcoal but shipping costs are too high from California for me to consider this if other options are available.


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  1. restaurant depot sells charcoal (kingsford, etc, some places have other brands & lump charcoal) by the pallet. . .there is one in baltimore i believe-- you might have to get it thru someone who has an account there if you don't own a restaurant

    1. Have you ever used wood in your grill? Makes a great long-lasting fire and the flavor beats charcoal six ways to Sunday. Don't know if the manufacturer of your grill advises against it but I use it in my Weber and in another big custom-made grill I have. I cut regular firewood into usable chunks for the smaller grill so they fit and burn down to embers faster.
      Mixed in with charcoal, the flavor is wonderful.
      Firewood is pretty inexpensive. Just don't use those fake logs.

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        Yes, I have used wood many times. Especially when making Southern style barbecue. But the wife doesn't like it. It took me a long time to get her to accept foods cooked with lump charcoal instead on briquets. However, I still use a lot of wood.

      2. You may also try Bigger than home depot smaller than a pallet.

        1. We stopped recently at the White Marsh mall area for a trip to barbeques galore - my husband loaded up on lump charcoal and wood chips for smoking.

          1. Check out the Sysco outlet store on Rte 1 (Wash Blvd) just south of 100 about 2 miles...they use to sell lump charcoal in large bags....and if you're in that area stop by Grubbe's BBq Pit for a great sliced pork sandwich..its on Dorsey Road just behind the Citgo station