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May 18, 2007 10:44 AM

Best Restaurants on Kitsap Penninsula

I don't know how many Chowhounds there are marooned out here on the Kitsap Peninsula, but I've been out here for about 10 months. Just last week I heard about a nice, tucked away, french restaurant and it made me think: How many other nice or interesting local restaurants are out here that I haven't hear of?

Currently I go to La Fermata, Augustio's, Boat Shed and Hi-Lo's in Bremerton frequently. The place I discovered last week was Breezy Hill Bistro in Silverdale. And I like Casa de Luna, Magnolia Cafe and Mor Mor Bistro in Poulsbo.

Are there any other good places out here north of Gig Harbor and not on Bainbridge?

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  1. Whiskey Creek Steak House in Keyport is worth a shot. My friends and I have dinner here at least once a month. Steaks are certainly above par. Great bar. Live music (usually piano and bass). $5.00 corkage fee! They also have a small private dock if arriving by boat (although you'll be hard pressed to find space on Friday or Saturday).

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        Update: Steaks have gone a bit downhill... new purveyor perhaps...? No longer cutting/butchering their own...? Dunno. The last three times I've been in the rib eye (personal fav.) have been really thin. Kind of difficult to cook a thin steak med. rare!

        In other news... Taqueria Los Cazadores in Bremerton has become a new personal favorite. Real tacos! Now only if they would play more Mexican Futbol instead of the Mexican Soap Operas on the TVs I'd be in heaven!

      2. My husband and I had a really good lunch not too long ago at Main Street Ale House, right by the ferry dock in Kingston. The menu was quite a bit more interesting than the basic pub grub we were expecting from the exterior. We split a an appetizer of fried avocado slices in panko with chipotle aoil and bay shrimp. I had a nice salad of field greens with bacon, pears, candied walnuts, and blue cheese, and my husband had a really good burger made from Misty Isles beef. We split a piece of white chocolate cheesecake for dessert that made us wish we'd ordered two. The dinner menu looked even more interesting--I wish they were closer to where we live. Not a problem for you, though!

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          We go to the Main Street Ale House every time we're in Kingston (not so often now that Heronswood Nursery is closed, alas). Every single thing I've had there has been excellent and I love their beer selection. One time I got a salmon taco with sweet potato fries and it was perhaps the best pub meal I've ever had. We had dinner there once - my husband got meat loaf which he said was a little dull, and I had a Normandy-style pork dish which was pretty darn good.

        2. We've lived here for 6+ years and have not been crazy about the restaurants here after living on the east coast and knowing what Seattle and Tacoma offer. We eat out several times a week and look for good food for reasonable prices. We aren't picky. We also belong to some clubs that have dining out nights.

          For good pizza and good salad bar, we go to Round Table believe it or not. We get a senior discount. We've not tried Tony's or Toad House.

          Silver City: Good food but noisy place

          Clearwater Casino: We like this buffet on Sundays--only $6.95 for seniors; food is very good

          Boat Shed: We like it.

          Breezy Hill Bistro: Didn't care for it; expensive

          Garcia's Mexican Restaurent: good, reasonably priced. You can often find a 2 for 1 coupon.

          Applebees: Not bad for a chain; offers Weight Watcher meals. Between 3-6 you can order some of the appetizers 1/2 price. Some are good for a dinner--such as the nachos

          Anthony's: Good but expensive. Best deal is the Sunset Dinner for $17.95; 4 courses

          Bayside Broiler: We don't care for it; not clean; food varies

          1. Hi there,
            You might look at "what's good in kitsap" on chowhound


            1. Well we (a group of 12-14 cars in a convoy) as a car club just went through Kitsap (at rather enthusiastic speeds) on the 18th and totally enjoyed our pit stop luncheon at Mike's 4-Star BBQ in Pt. Gamble. Sure it's a casual gig that would (or should have) seen the likes of Guy Fieri blow through, but Mike's totally impressed and satisfied, so they get my vote.