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Costco - Mexico coke

They have it in the bottles (12oz) and cherries, $13.99 for four lbs. I went to the Inglewood one. Got steaks too. Delish!

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  1. But is it made with cane sugar or some corn syrup? I've heard some factories are switching.

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    1. Sweet. I wish I could get the Coca-Cola I had in Peru. Cane sugar, and it had some nice spice to it. Lived off of Peruvian Coke (ho ho!) and Cusquena when I was there.

      So if they're selling this, does it mean that it's no longer illegal to sell non-American Coke in the US? I thought it was not allowed because American bottlers aren't profiting from it. I remember reading an article about this in the Wall Street Journal about 7 years ago.

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        I've had Mexican cokes at Guelaguetza.

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          That's exactly what I was thinking when I read the first post (that, or it was someone selling it outside the Costco).

          No, it's true! Went to Bevboard (a message board about soft drinks) and found a topic about the same thing. Here's a link to an article about it:


          $18 for a case?! Now THAT is a deal. It almost makes me want to switch over from Mexican Pepsi. Either way, I'll head to the Van Nuys store (i.e. heavy Mexican population) over the weekend to see if they have any.

        2. I've bought them at my local BevMo too.

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            I found the Mexican Coke in chilled bottles at the Superior Market at University Village, Hoover St. Los Angeles. The label only lists sugar. I must say after reading so much about the Mexican Coke on chowhound I had to try it-and yes I did like it better.

          2. I must admit it does taste different than the coke I am used to. I have to get used to this kind again. Oh it does say on the bottles that you can't return it for the bottle deposit. What should I do with these bottles then???? Is $17.99 a good price?

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              Return the bottles (washed, please) to where you get them from so as to keep the price low.

            2. 1)Importing of Mexican is a HUGE bizness nowadays. Some major chains in some cites (those with large immigrant communities) even carry it. It such a big money maker that domestic coke distributors have tried to get Coke to stop it. Here's an article from January '06:


              2) There are a ton of places (restaurants and stores) to get Mexican Coke in LA. It's always kind of a surprise where turns up. Zeke's and Caioti are a couple of restaurants. The cheapest I have ever found it for sale is for $1 for a $12 oz at a convenience store in Silverlake.

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                They had it at King Ranch in Monrovia the other day. Didn't notice the price.

              2. They didn't have any at the Van Nuys Costco. Oh well....I thought I had a better shot there instead of Burbank.

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                1. Saw them at Alhambra last week.

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                    Unfortunately not at the Signal Hill store.

                  2. I find it on Taco trucks all the time for next to nothing.

                    1. Nice find!

                      Note that you can find all sorts of real sugar versions of sodas at Galco's in Eagle Rock. Very impressive selection, which you can see on line at: http://www.sodapopstop.com/.

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                        Love Galco's but there you certainly pay for the convenience of having of the specialty soda's under one roof.

                      2. If your local Costco doesn't have it, talk to the manager and see if they can order it. I have seen it at Smart and Final last month, they had the 16 oz bottles!

                        Recently the price of wholesale corn has double from $2 to $4 due to the ethonal mandate. Wouldn't it be funny if corn got so expensive that Coke HAD to drop the corn syrup and use real sugar instead. This free market economy is KILLING me.... seriously I can't afford anything anymore.

                        1. Seems like it is getting fairly wide distribution. I saw it last week at Super King on San Fernando Rd. I believe it was 99ยข per 12 oz. glass bottle.

                          1. It was at the Costco in Montebello a few weeks ago. In the rare12 or is it 16 oz tall bottle, I believe it's 4 six packs to a case. Wasn't able to get the price.

                            1. I saw individual bottles of Mexican Coke at JONS Market in Westminster for $1 each.

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                                Yes, Jons often has it on sale for $1 a bottle. Very nice price!

                              2. I've also seen Mexican Coke at the Wal-Mart in Rosemead.

                                1. Ok everyone I know for a fact you can buy a case of Mexican Coke at Beverage Warehouse in Culver City for $28.00 or so a case (they also have Mexi-Pepsi but I'm not sure of the price; please check their link on this post). Now I have so far not bought it there hoping find it in the South Bay or Westside for the $18.00 that's been mentioned on this thread. I've been to three different Costco stores (Santa Clarita because I go out there on weekends for business, Torrance & Hawthorne) and one Smart & Final but no luck. If anyone knows of a good Mexican Market in the South Bay that might have it holla back. Because of the price of gas it has to be on the Westside where I work or the South Bay where I live to be cost effective.

                                  Beverage Warehouse
                                  4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

                                  1. Does Costco still have these? I went to the washington blvd, at lincoln and they didn't have any.

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                                      Funny, I just got back from tha Alhambra location (hardly anyone there - only us fools are shopping in the heat) and they had it - it was $17+ per case. I didn't look closely to see how many bottles or what size, but definitely it was the Mexican Coke with real sugar because thar's what the pricing sign said.

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                                        Has the Marina store ever had it? It's not like all of them do. Beverage Warehouse has cases out for sale, but be prepared to spend $10 more.

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                                          I just returned from the Inglewood Costco mentioned at the beginning of this thread and they do have 12oz bottles of Mexi-Coke in cases for $17.99 + $1.20 crv. I bought a case and they have plenty more. They're located on Century Blvd. across from Hollywood Park at the back of a shopping center (see the link).

                                          3560 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303

                                        2. Canton Foods on Alameda North of the 10 has cases of 24 bottles for $21.70, including CRV. The label says sugar and no mention of corn syrup.

                                          1. I saw a pallet at my local .99 cent store the other day! These are the TALL glass bottles and they are from Mexico.

                                            SO check your local .99 cent store!

                                            Located in Montebello just off the 60 frwy.

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                                              ^^^ bump!!!
                                              apparently nrique is my neighbor?

                                              saw the same Mexican Cokes on pallets yesterday @ 99cents store in Montebello. previous poster forgot to mention the price: 2 500ml bottles for $1. i left w/ a case of 24. i'm going to stock up til my front closet is full.

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                                                allright! another east sider!

                                            2. When it's made with sugar it's soo much better and better for you too. corn syrup is so bad for you but it's in everything sweet in America. it sucks

                                              1. It seems the parties over. I first posted in Sept. 07 that Costco in Inglewood was selling Mexican Coke by the case. Well after two years they have stopped & said none of their stores are carrying it. So my fair cost outlet of less than $20.00 a case has dried up. Is there any place else to buy Mexican Coke in the South Bay area for a $1.00 a bottle or less? Thanks.

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                                                  I saw it for $24.00 a case at the new business Costco in City of Commerce. I think there is another new business Costco somewhere closer to south bay.

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                                                    Thanks for the quick reply. Is a 'new business' Costco different than the other? Does it only sell to retailers? Thanks again

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                                                      So how do you ID Mexican coke? Does it taste different or is it just better (less bad) for you?

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                                                        Some Mexican coke is made only with cane sugar, not corn syrup. You have to read the labels. I have found that the 20-ounce Mexican coke tend to be all sugar. The "medio-litre" bottles often say on their label that they are "sugar and/or corn syrup." I prefer the all-sugar coke.

                                                        Usually, you can find the sugar Mexican cokes at Vallarta markets. They are often on sale for $1 per bottle (or 5 for $5.00).

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                                                          I just had a bottle of Mexican Pepsi that was all HFCS. :(

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                                                            It's funny you say that, because I was at a taco truck yesterday that seemed to have 20 oz. Mexican cokes, but they were also all HFCS. It really is necessary to read the ingredient list.

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                                                    The Costco in Azusa still has it -- I've bought the 24-bottle cases there twice in the past couple of months. I also saw individual bottles at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Baldwin Park.

                                                    , Barstow, CA 92311

                                                  3. As an alternative, you might give Big Cola a try. I found the taste to be virtually identical to Mexican Coke but it's a much better value. It is also imported from Mexico and made with cane sugar, no HFCS. A 2.5 liter bottle sells for 99 cents.

                                                    1. Burbank BevMo had them in 4 pks. Seemed pricey. Had dif brand cane sugar stuff.

                                                      1. looking back on this thread, it seems like a lot of money to spend on some coke. we are talking $20-$28 etc... crazy.