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May 18, 2007 10:43 AM

Costco - Mexico coke

They have it in the bottles (12oz) and cherries, $13.99 for four lbs. I went to the Inglewood one. Got steaks too. Delish!

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  1. But is it made with cane sugar or some corn syrup? I've heard some factories are switching.

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    1. Sweet. I wish I could get the Coca-Cola I had in Peru. Cane sugar, and it had some nice spice to it. Lived off of Peruvian Coke (ho ho!) and Cusquena when I was there.

      So if they're selling this, does it mean that it's no longer illegal to sell non-American Coke in the US? I thought it was not allowed because American bottlers aren't profiting from it. I remember reading an article about this in the Wall Street Journal about 7 years ago.

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        I've had Mexican cokes at Guelaguetza.

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          That's exactly what I was thinking when I read the first post (that, or it was someone selling it outside the Costco).

          No, it's true! Went to Bevboard (a message board about soft drinks) and found a topic about the same thing. Here's a link to an article about it:

          $18 for a case?! Now THAT is a deal. It almost makes me want to switch over from Mexican Pepsi. Either way, I'll head to the Van Nuys store (i.e. heavy Mexican population) over the weekend to see if they have any.

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          1. I've bought them at my local BevMo too.

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              I found the Mexican Coke in chilled bottles at the Superior Market at University Village, Hoover St. Los Angeles. The label only lists sugar. I must say after reading so much about the Mexican Coke on chowhound I had to try it-and yes I did like it better.

            2. I must admit it does taste different than the coke I am used to. I have to get used to this kind again. Oh it does say on the bottles that you can't return it for the bottle deposit. What should I do with these bottles then???? Is $17.99 a good price?

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                Return the bottles (washed, please) to where you get them from so as to keep the price low.