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May 18, 2007 10:40 AM

What to order at Chow

Hi there --

My friends really want to go to Chow. I have always found it mediocre but perhaps I'm not ordering well. Suggestions?


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  1. Dessert! Anything with caramel sauce on it, really.

    The salads were also quite nice.

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      Yes yes yes! I can't leave without the ginger cake with caramel and pumpkin ice cream! I also tend to get...I can't even remember because I get so distracted by the dessert. Mussels, I think, and also the Thai steak salad.

    2. I just ate there last night! The fennel pizza and half roast chicken are consistantly good-actually have become fresher and tastier than ever--if you like spicy, ask for a few of the piquant jalapeno peppers on the pizza, if you can handle it they match the fennel sausage wonderfully--the thin crust is crispy too...the goat cheese starter is served as fondue style-rich but agreeable. I would stay away from those noodle soups on the menu, not very nice (dont even sit next to someone thats ordered it because you'll hear them complain all evening). the sapid chocolate pie is a must...

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      1. re: ckr

        I'd like to know what is so "not very nice about the noodle soups, please.

      2. Chow in Lafayette? or Park Chow in the city?

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        1. re: See Food

          Chow at Church and Market. Thanks for your suggestions

          1. re: SarahKC

            I frequently order the pizza - woodfired pizza with very little attitude. It is one of my favorites in SF though I do ask them to cook it a little extra. The special sandwiches of the day can be good too. The cobb salad is usually nice but they overdress it so I tend to ask for less dressing or the dressing on the side.
            And the gingerbread cake - I am one of its fans. My favorite dessert (but I do love ll things gingerbread)

            1. re: SarahKC

              my standard order at chow/park chow is the large shortrib order.
              it's a pretty heavy meal but i think it is quite good, especially at
              chow prices.

              what i dont like about chow is the space and the self-help silverware
              on the table.

          2. Besides the pizza, the short ribs are very good. The usual pan seared salmon is pretty good although nothing special.

            The thing about Chow is that it's not going to blow anyone away and isn't gorgeous food BUT everything is very well prepared and reasonably priced for what you get. Half of the "fun" at Chow is the price. You can literally spend more at a Denny's for way less so there's a satisfaction factor, i.e., great eats, don't feel gouged.

            1. I tend to get the duck leg. Fantastic value, with good sides. What I like about Chow is the two sizes of entrees, great prices, good quality ingredients and wonderful pecan pie. The beer and wine lists are small, but well edited. it is a good weeknight standard.