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May 18, 2007 10:26 AM

Good BBQ in STL?

A friend says there's no decent BBQ in St. Louis since the two KC Masterpieces closed (seems hard to believe). Does anyone know of some good places I could pass along to him?

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  1. We ate at Roper's Ribs on Florissant Ave earlier this month. Someone on one of the restaurant review boards recommended it as being the best in St. Louis. It was convenient to I-70 (from I-70, take route U north to Florissant Ave and turn right. They are on the NE corner within a short distance), so we stopped for dinner on June 5. I ordered St. Louis style ribs and my wife ordered rib tips. We both felt that my order was very good. We both felt that her order was mostly bone and gristle with very little meat - a very poor value.

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      I recommend Pennies BBQ House at I-55 and Revis. Huge portions - Bring a friend and split your order or plan to bring home enough food for another dinner or 2 lunches.

    2. here is a small thread including a place i found on my last trip into st. louis

      1. My husband like the BBQ'd snoot at Smokin' Als -- Personally I find snoot just too piggy -- and way too crunchy but he just goes nuts for it.