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May 18, 2007 10:25 AM

HELP ME CHOOSE (Chinatown)

We will be a group of 7 people of many different ages, from 12 to 70 something with 1vegetarian in the mix having an afternoon lunch (3ish) I have narrowed the choices down to: Golden Bridge, Chatham Square Restaurant, Amazing 66 and New Big Wang. I also need them to be in an area below Canal and east of the Bowery and not looking too "hole in the wallish." THANKS

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  1. Golden Bridge and Chatham Sq are larger and would in no way be called hole in the wall locations. I'm not sure what's on the menu at 3pm.

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        If you're willing to stray from your original list at all, I definitely recommend Joe's Shanghai on Pell Street in Chinatown. They have incredible food - including delicious soup dumplings - and are very good at handling groups.

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          Assuming we're talking about the restaurant at 6 Chatham Square, both are very good. Note that the four places you initially mention are all Cantonese/Hong Kong style, while Joe's Shanghai is, well, Shanghai style.

      2. New Big Wang can accomodate seven pretty easily and has a prettu varied menu. The dumplings are pretty good and they have vegetarian ones.

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            If New Big Wang is 67 Mott Street, then I love it too! They have great roast pork and soy sauce chicken. The man behind the register is a doll- he will make sure you have a great time.

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              N.B.W. is at 1 Elizabeth St., and the guy behind the register is a little cranky!

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                The restaurant at 67 Mott is Big Wong, not New Big Wang. Big Wong has been there forever and is a cut below New Big Wang just because it's been around in Chinatown from the days when Chinese food wasn't as good. Incidentally the "Big" description relates to the size of the Chinese character for the surname--there are two different surnames that have the same approximate pronunciation, so one is known as big Wong/Wang and the other is known as little Wong/Wang.

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                  Thanks for all your replies---I think we will just go to NY Noodletown!

          2. You may also want to consider New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, on Bayard Street, which has a 4.95 weekday lunch special with a choice of around 50 items including a number of vegetarian items. New York Noodletown does not have a lot to offer vegetarians and, depending on how sensitive the vegetarian in your party is, may be off-putting with whole roasted pigs, ducks and chickens hanging in the window. I love NY Noodletown, but it smells of roasted meat.