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May 18, 2007 10:14 AM

Best Mid-Priced French Restaurant (Village)

I'd welcome your suggestions for the best mid-priced French restaurant in the Village (East or West). It’s an intimate dinner for two – and will reservations be necessary?


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  1. Maybe Le Gigot - not sure about the reservations, but if you're planning something special, it can't hurt.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Another vote for Le Gigot on Cornelia Street. It's like a little bit of France in the Village. And Le Gigot (the dish) is consistently wonderful.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Couldn't agree more. I recall that they do take reservations, but they tables may be a bit to close together for a truly intimate dinner. Great place and a wonderful wine list.

        1. re: herculesmulligan

          Le Gigot looks really sweet and charming and I look forward to trying it soon. However, it isn't mid-riced to me. I guess it depends how mid-priced is defined. OP, check to see menu prices.

      2. Le Deux Gamins at 10th St & West 4th Street fits the bill. Not sure if they even take reservations but I've eaten there 5-6 times the past 6 months and they have excellent food & great prices. They are located near the Christopher St subway stop (1.9 trains) if that helps.

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        1. re: Fallon

          Another option is Jarnac, a bit further west, intimate, with very good food. They take reservations.

          1. re: Fallon

            I hope I just hit it on a bad day, but I went to Le Deux Gamins recently (the one you speak of) and had one of the worst restaurant experiences in recent memory. Laughably bad service, mediocre food (at best), and a huge check.

          2. Jarnac is very sweet and good. I'd reserve as it's small.

            1. The only French restaurant I've been to in that area is the French Culinary Institute, and it was pretty good. It may be a little too far south of the Village though.

              1. How about Gavroche: intimate, bistro-y, it helps to speak French. Unless they've discontinued it, they have a $20 dinnner complete with steak if you arrive before 6:30. And it's not crowded.

                Oh... and if you want a restaurant that's part-french, part-Japanese that serves NOTHING BUT PIG'S FEET, most dishes under $10, check out

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                1. re: Brian S

                  They still have the $20 prix fixe at Gavroche and it's still a pretty good deal. We were there last Friday and the duck terrine appetizer and the braised chicken dish were more than decent, especially for 20 bucks.

                  1. re: Brian S

                    Here's a recent Digest item on Hakata TonTon (which seems less French than the owners might imagine it) ...

                    Hakata TonTon
                    61 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014