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May 18, 2007 10:06 AM

The food or the service? Do you follow your faves?

The last post I read on the Best bar to eat dinner@ thread ( had me wondering which restaurants/bars you stopped frequenting when your fave chef, server, or bar tender left? Or to put it more positively, who's cooking or service did you like so much that you followed them? (now that's more like it!


First places that come to mind for me are Buk's in Inman and Casablanca. I've only stopped by the the Inman Sq. Buk's once since Max left... I do stop in at Deep Ellum but not as often as I used to drop by for a pint at Buk's.

I really missed John Paine's cooking at Casablanca and now trek to Sorriso when I've got a craving for his offerings.

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  1. I LOVE Sorriso! It does a huge lunch crowd due to it's location. Dinner isn't as busy so getting in at night is never a problem. The food and drinks are awesome!

    1. I stopped going to tremont 647 and eastern standard after jamie left. Now I get to have steak at ko prime!!! whoo hoooo...movin on up

      I hear you about Max. Bukowski stinks and it's worth it to go to Deep Ellum because of Max and Aaron, but are really really nice and extremely helpful (as is the rest of the staff)

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        It's very nice to see some of my favorite faces from Buk's migrate over there. From what I hear Max and Aaron didn't intend to bring a few along but they quit Buk's and begged for the chance to work with them again. Another nice compliment to Max and Aaron's style.

      2. I stopped frequenting the North Street Grille when Michael Scelfo left and now trek over to the Good Life when I have a craving for his playful dishes. In fact, I might go there tonight - thanks for making me think of it!

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          I have to agree. I live close by NSG and hadn't been back since Michael Scelfo left. Finally gave it another try and while it wasn't bad - it just wasn't the same. Little things like homemade pickles, his own rub for the steak tips and the fact that the meat was always well trimmed. The new chef seems competent and folks are friendly but it just isn't the same. The problem with Good Life is it is usually quite crowded after work so not a great scene for eating until the crowds have thinned.