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Stumptown, Albina Press... other suggestions for a PDX coffee holiday?

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In Portland June 1-8 and staying at the Ace Hotel specifically because there's a Stumptown downstairs. I know Albina Press is a must for the coffee geek- so two questions:

1. Not related to thread title, but how do I get to Albina Press using public transit? When I lived in Portland (Reed College alum here, class of 86) that area was no-go and on subsequent trips I've pretty much stuck to DT, NW and Hawthorne, and visits to Reed of course. I am missing a LOT of the city, I know, but the N/NE is a vast unknown to me.

2. Any other really good coffeehouses you can recommend?


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  1. There's Ristretto at NE 42nd and Fremont

    Just a few blocks up from that at 50th and Fremont is Jim and Patty's, who were the original Coffee People. I've always been a big fan of their spicy espresso.

    1. The Fresh Pot is one of the few places that takes the time to build a traditional souffle-style capp rather than a free-pour capp.

      2 locations - one in Powell's Books on Hawthorne: 3729 se hawthorne blvd - 503 232 8928 and the other on Mississippi: 4001 n mississippi ave - 503 284 8928(a few blocks up from Albina Press


      1. Extracto at NE 30th and Killingsworth--it's so good that even though there's no sign out front, it's always crowded in the morning.

        To get there on public transit from downtown isn't so much fun--it looks like you'd have to take the 6 bus up MLK to Killingsworth, then the 72 to NE 30th. Ristretto and Jim and Patty's would be a little easier because you just have to take the 33 bus straight from downtown. To find public transit anywhere in Portland, use the Trimet web page: http://www.trimet.org.

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          I should have checked trimet right away.

        2. It's weird. I've lived in Seattle since 99 but every truly amazing cup of coffee I've ever had has been in Portland. At first I thought it was the lack of sales tax I was paying that made it tastier, but i soon realized it was more than that.

          I read that Stumptown is opening in Seattle this year and that makes me quite happy.

          There's no point to my reply other than to let you know that you'll have many fabulous cups in Portland. :)

          1. The Mississippi & Albina Streets area where Albina Press is located have undergone drastic gentrification - You won't recognize the area. Same with Alberta Street. Many restaurants and hip twenty something places.

            1. If you're at the Ace Hotel, you'll be close to Sahagun:


              They make possibly the best, and probably the most expensive, mocha in town - using Stumptown.

              1. Live dangerously - have them rock all four of those Ace Clovers at once!

                We've never been to her place, but we know Christine Hoag (an ex-Pittsburgher) - she's an excellent barista and is owner of Dog River Cafe which also serves Stumptown. Might be a bit off your itinerary as it's a few miles out of town.

                We're jealous - hope to get out there this fall for a Vancouver to PDX coffee run.

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                  Panini Guy, I like the cut of your jib!

                  I like to see if these places will let me [try to] pour my own rosettas. Some folks are totally into it, they like to see if you have skills and give you tips. The ones that refuse- and mind, I ONLY ask if there is no lineup of waiting customers- they don't get my business.