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May 18, 2007 09:36 AM

lobster rolls

I've got a jones for lobster rolls. I've had the one at Pearl Oyster Bar on Fifth Avenue awhile back. Any other suggestions for a good one in Brooklyn?

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  1. the surf bar in williamsburg, n.6 & bedford. they have a good lobster roll and the floor is sand...

    1. I really like the one at the underrated Union/ Smith cafe in Carroll Gardens. Fresh, generous and affordable.

      1. Brooklyn Fish Camp (same ownership as Mary's Fish Camp in the W Village) on Fifth Ave in Park Slope makes a spectacular lobster roll...its a bit pricey ($28), but has about a whole lobster's worth of meat in it.

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        1. re: theyoungkid

          If that's a "whole lobster," they're using tiny lobsters. The rolls are tasty, but WAY overpriced.

        2. I can't say I am the best judge of quality but I love the lobster roll and view at Fairway in Red Hook.

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          1. re: anne_nyc

            Agreed. For the money, its awesome. 8 bucks?

            1. re: Larry Brooks

              Well, I'd stress "for the money" when speaking of Fairway's roll. Its barely lobster---they use just the little claw pieces, no tail meat. So its not really comparable to Bklyn Fish Camp's etc. Yes, for the money and the view, and a nice sandwich, its a good deal, don't get me wrong! I go there and order it and I'm looking forward to a nice warm day to enjoy it outdoors. But it doesn't really satisfy a craving for Lobster Roll, in my book.

              So, $28 at Brooklyn Fish Camp now? It went up quite a bit, wasn't it $24 last year? That's awfully pricey for lobster roll; although I think I read it will be a bad season for lobster this year :-(

              1. re: jinx

                Super expensive 28 dollar lobster rolls at brooklyn fish camp will do the trick, but are pale comparisons to the real thing in maine... but it will suffice in a lobster roll jones, but will destroy your wallet- we had 2 lobster rolls and corn there last week and it hurt when i paid the check- Red's Eats lobster rolls in maine are $14-$15, though obviously much fresher. if you are feeling flush, get a brooklyn fish camp lobster roll. or get in your car and for the difference in gas you can just drive to red's eats in wiscasset and be done with it- even CT. has a nice hot lobster roll thing that shouldn't be too bad a drive... another way to satisfy the craving is go to blue ribbon and get the also pricey and delicious half cold lobster. they crack it for you, so most of the work is done, as in lobster roll without the roll...

                1. re: frankbooth

                  Thanks everyone. Your suggestions should tide me over until I get to Maine in late August. Frank, I've been to Red's Eats in Wiscasset. Now that's a lobster roll!

          2. a while ago i had a delicious lobster roll from Fish Tales market on Court St. Not sure if it's something they do on a regular basis, but it was really tasty. Second only to ones I've had in Ogunquit, Maine.