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May 18, 2007 09:24 AM

pacific northwest wineries [Moved from Wine Board]

we are planning a summer road trip and wondering about visiting wineries in oregon and washington - does anyone have any recommendations for good ones to visit, places to eat and stay along the way?

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  1. There are quite a few wineries in the NE suburbs of Seattle. The main town is Woodinville (close to Bellevue and Redmond). I think the most well known of the wineries is Chateau St. Michelle. My son used to live quite close by but unfortunately we never got to tour the vineyards. I can recommend the nearby Salish Lodge - the food is very good and you can also see the Twin Peaks waterfall across the road!

    1. When we lived in Washington, we tried to make a yearly pilgrimage to Walla Walla in Eastern WA. The place is nothing but wineries, and some good ones at that. Woodward Canyon, Dunham, Canoe Ride, Seven Hills are among my favorites. L'ecole 41 is probably the biggest and fanciest, but I'll probably skip it if I make it out there again. Unfortunately, there's pretty much nothing else to do in Walla Walla so the nights are long. ;)

      1. Tons of great wines in Oregon,should be a great tasting trip! Here are list of places to check out.
        Bethel Heights
        Elk Cove
        Francis Tanhill
        Rex Hill
        There are tons more but those should give you a start

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          i second oregon. mcminnville is the one-horse town center of the willamette valley, very cute hotel (mcminniman's) and a very good french restaurant.

          domaine serene and domaine drouhin are stunningly beautiful vineyards and wonderful wines.

        2. for me...quilceda creek is the best wine in fact, qc can rival best of calif imo

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            You are correct, these are probably the best wines produced in the Northwest. However, the post is asking for wineries to visit and the last I knew they did not have a facility open to the public on a regular basis.

            For that you want to go to Woodinville (Northeast of Seattle), Yakima Valley (Yakima to Kennewick) or Walla Walla in southeastern Washington. In Oregon you want to go to Yamhill County (Dundee, McMinnville, Amity), about an hour southwest of downtown Portland.

            Cin Cin

          2. In Oregon, add the following:

            Witness Tree
            Torii Mor
            Gypsy Dancer
            Andrew Rich

            In WA, look for Badger Mountain/Powers

            You're gonna LOVE it!