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May 18, 2007 09:17 AM

Will the real French Bistro please stand up.

The Genuine Article?
After my first venture in to the blog-ing arena .
( my wife prevented me from trying the on line dating thing)
I found my self in an exchange with some very diehard foodies?
Our exchange over “the New Bliss” revolved around authentic cuisine.
Now I am on the hunt for The Genuine Article, Real cuisine produced largely by its native peoples.
Sure anyone can learn to replicate foods from other cultures.
A great many restaurants with good intent have succumb to bastardizing their cultural heritage trying to please everyone.
For example salmon is not indigenous to certain cuisines an yet you will find it on the menu.
A great many people want to claim they like the food from that country but will not try anything they are not familiar with.
Or even worst many restaurateurs will, with out shame pretend to be something they are not.
This is the culinary equivalent to buying a fake PRADA handbag just to fit in.
Department store mannequins are looking more realistic everyday just don’t ask one what her favorite restaurant is and why.
I am looking for a restaurant that is not all about making a fast buck and false pretence.

So I am asking for suggestions on restaurants with character and integrity.
No fast food places.
Not in Manhattan.
Must be owned (or operated by 60% natives) of that cuisine.

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  1. Bachus in Boerum Hill is a french bistro, but all their chefs are certainly not french.

    Pit Stop on Columbia St in brooklyn, same thing.

    They are both good.

    1. You may easily find 'owned by 60% natives,' but I doubt you will find the same % for operated.

      1. FADA in williamsburg was owned by 2 natives of southern france, Pascal & Roman (they had a falling out and now owned by one of them -- Pascal). Their head chef (Phillipe) was french and when he started he spoke very little french... he's moved back to Paris for a few months to help a friend get a brasserie off the ground.

        That said... the foods only okay... like a bistro in france, no burgers or croque monsieur at dinner time, but there are non-traditional french items on the menu. But then having lived in cities in france, most bistros there don't serve exclusively french food either... Don't know if they're still doing it, but their late afternoon tapas had a good selection of hard to find nicoise fare.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Gribouille in Williamsburg is French owned with a French chef. It's small, charming with a limited but good menu. They're a little pricey, but they offer a 3-course prixe fixe dinner menu for $24.95.