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May 18, 2007 09:10 AM

Parish Diner review - Wburg/Greenpoint

My boyfriend and I went to Parish Diner last night (Richardson and N. Henry, near the Graham L stop). Had a really nice dinner. Here's our review:

We got there around 9:30 and there were a few tables filled. The space is very tall, I suppose to be "Parish-esque". Assuming they figure out how to dim their lights a bit more, and raise their music -- the space will start to feel better and cozier. A huge screen over the bar (which looks like an altar) plays old black and white movies.

Bread basket is served with some kind of magical butter -- room temp, whipped with honey and herbs (rosemary? sage?). I would eat it off a spoon.

He ordered the fried chicken and loved it. Normally a dark meat eater, he still loved the white meat and said it was moist. The batter was very good and peppery. It came on a bed of beans and spinach, also very good. I got the "Summer on the Farm" sandwhich -- BBQ pulled pork, peaches and a biscuit, served with sweet potato fries (definitely enough to share between 2 people). Loved it. The flavors were fantastic and I actually liked the sweet/vinegary taste of the BBQ better than Fette Sau. Biscuits had a great, faint hickory taste. And normally I think sweet potato fries are totally over-rated and soggy, but these were fantastic -- shoestring, crisp and well-salted. The only think I would have changed was to make the temperature of the pork just a bit hotter.

Finally, we shared the banana split (enough for 4 people). And it was -- just as they promised -- exactly how we remembered. Three scoops, hot fudge, toasted pecans, cheap whipped cream and bing cherries.

I really think that once they work out their lighting and music (and playlist), it will be great. I'm anxious to try the rest of the menu....and here more reviews. Anyone else?

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  1. thanks for the detailed report. i'm interested, but at that price point i'm probably not going to be trying it until i hear more positive feedback (entrees were in the $20 range from what i saw).

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    1. re: wleatherette

      I hear ya. Just fyi, the "Summer on the Farm" sandwich was only $10.50 and definitely big enough for two people. And I think the chicken was around $12. Plus, there were lots of appetizers that may work as small plates. Just a thought.

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        that's good to know. actually, i just looked at their site and they've added a daily special kind of thing ("tv dinners") for $14.50. friday's consists of catfish, collards, hush puppies, and peach cobbler. not bad!

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          since I just looked up the site, I thought I'd share the URL as a courtesy to others reading along:

    2. I was there on Tuesday evening for dinner with a friend. We were initially very put off by the trying too hard, suburban-esque aesthetic. It seemed just like a place that someone in the Midwest might imagine hipsters too hang out in...yet it is too clean, too polished, too neat. Plus, what in the world is going on with those booths? Did they run out of money when it came to purchasing the seating? Yuck.
      All that being said, I the food was fine. It was comfort food with plentiful portions. I had the Veginini sandwich and some sweet potato fries. They were both yummy. My friend enjoyed her Stout Burger -- I am a vegetarian so I didn't try it. The house Cabernet was good and not overpriced.
      The other plus is that they take credit cards unlike many places in the neighborhood.
      I would suggest this place for those who miss their Bennigans days of their youth, or perhaps it would be a good place to take parents or other bougeois out of town visitors in order to acclimate them to the city.

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      1. re: griffinthomas

        Yes, Parish Diner is the Williamsburg Bennigans. The host and wait staff are straight out of Paramus Mall or Roosevelt Field. The food is also chain restaurant quality. I had the stout burger and my girlfriend had the fried chicken, both of which were served luke warm and apparently spent alot of time under the heating lights. I would much rather wait for a table at Dumont or the Diner. Even Teddy's has better food. Hey, mms, are you one of the Parish Diner owners???

        1. re: nycgoodfood

          Hey nycgoodfood, no. I don't think my original review warrants secret-owner accusations. I just had a slightly better experience than you did. Is that OK with you?

        2. re: griffinthomas

          went for brunch last week. food was fine. not great. bkfst choices werent the greatest and the menu isnt clear enough (all served with homefries tho is not stated on menu). bread basket is a bit boring. nice atmosphere though, thats for sure--great renovation and beautiful block/great view.