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It's your last meal on Earth, you have $60...

(Not including tip & tax)

What do you eat?

Being a Korean-American, I'd go to Flushing, hit up Ham Ji Bak, and grill up some pork belly (sam gyup sahl).

But let's talk Manhattan.

I think mine would be a lobster roll at Pearl's with a fried oyster appetizer and blueberry pie for dessert.

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  1. Too funny - before I got to your last line, that was exactly what came to mind - though I might sub in a glass of wine for the pie - or get the praline parfait.

    1. You can find me at Churrascaria Plataforma.

      1. Ditto on POB. Fried oysters to start or soup (depending on the weather). Wait a minute, I'm dying. I'm having both. Lobster roll, of course. Then I'd cheat by going around the corner and having Cones' Almond Cream.

        Then I'd drop dead...

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          Or you can do what we usually do, and split the praline parfait, and then go to Cones.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Ushi Wakamaru for their 15 piece sushi platter + a couple of beers for me.

        2. Awesome thread idea

          If I can go multiple places
          Katz's Pastrami Sandwich
          Babbo's Tripe
          Spend the balance on Olive Oil Gelatto

          One Place
          Tripe, Beef Cheek Ravioli and Olive Oil Gelatto - all at babbo

          1. half a dozen oysters at shaffer city.
            bucatini al’amatriciana at the bar at lupa.
            grilled fish at esca.

            1. Well, if it’s my last meal on the planet, I’m using my credit card. But if I have to keep it under $60:

              At Devi I would get grilled scallops with roasted red pepper chutney, and sides of kaa keema, crispy okra, and some ground lamb kulcha. Dessert would be the sublime crispy saffron bread pudding.

              Or I would eat as many assorted oysters as I could hold at Aquagrill. Then I would relocate to the Bread Bar at Tabla for the pulled lamb sandwich with mustard mashed potato naanini.

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              1. re: Deb Van D

                Actually I was thinking $60 was just enough for the tasting menu at Devi ;o)

              2. I'd go back in time and beg the staff at Allain Ducasse at the Essex house to let me just pay for eating off their post dessert dessert cart.

                And before that maybe get some chicken soup at Second Avenue Deli.

                (Hey you never said anything about no time machines!)

                1. I'll have the asparagus salad and the foie gras and scallop at Tocqueville, along with a glass of Champagne.

                  1. margherita at una pizza
                    then the capricci with spicy cauliflower ragout at Lupa
                    A pint of Anchor Liberty Ale at Ginger Man
                    and a pack of Chuckles

                    1. Wow I never realized how much I love POB lobster rolls until this question!

                      Assuming I have $60 for a whole last day:

                      Breakfast- an everything bagel from Ess-a-bagel
                      Snack 1- honey roasted peanuts from nuts for nuts cart
                      Lunch- shack burger and Gray's Papya hot dog
                      Dinner- POB Lobster Roll and parfait for dessert.

                      With the $20-$30 left over I would go to Gramercy Tavern and buy 2 Aventinus vintage beers and just relax at their lovely bar.
                      mmm. I may be having my last day on Earth day tomorrow! (But then when I wake up on Sunday I'll have to go on a diet!)

                      1. $7 - Sauteed Drunken Noodles with Ground Chicken from SriPraPhai (I know it's in Queens, I don't care, I have to have it!)
                        $41 - Sushi Omakase at Ushi Wakamaru (including raw lobster, shira ebi, anago, and blue fin o-toro)
                        $12 - 1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts

                        Do we have to pay tax, tip and for drinks? Or is this strictly food?

                        1. Dal at Bukhara Grill
                          Patatesli pide at Ali Baba
                          Cheese chilaquiles with green sauce and rice at Tulcingo del Valle
                          Homemade lemonade with no ice at The Black Pearl
                          2 vanilla cupcakes w/ pastel frosting from The Magnolia Bakery

                          1. breakfast: a lemon sensible edibles muffin from dean and deluca ($3) and a pumpkin scone from alice's tea cup ($3)
                            lunch: calzone from lucali's (they'd open for lunch since it was my last day on earth : ) ($19)
                            snack: choc choc chip cookie from levain bakery ($4)
                            dinner: pork from five points ($24)
                            dessert: gelato and cookie plate from one girl cookies ($7)

                            1. $15 eggs (soft scrambled), nova & onions with 2 plain bagels untoasted
                              $12 One regular, one pain chocolate and 2 eclairs @ patisserie claude
                              $12 Pastrami on Rye @ Katz
                              $11 Tripe Marinara @ babbo
                              $6 Large cup of rice gelatto @ il Lab
                              2 vanillas @ magnolia

                              1. You would find me at Lombardi's for my last meal. With no fear of higher cholesterol, I would get a bottle of Barolo and a large with pepperoni and mushrooms. Yum.

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                                  Hmmm. Any place where I can load up on foie gras. A nice glass of red (Barolo, Burgundy,etc.)

                                  Follow that up with a Grand Marnier desert souffle and a decent coffee.

                                  Could I even get that in Manhattan for $60 anymore??