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May 18, 2007 08:35 AM

One night in San Francisco: Best Restaurant Suggestions

I am going to be in San Francisco for one day only this weekend and am looking for a suggestion for Sunday night. I will be with one friend, possibly two, and we are all lovers of food. Quality is the most important factor, but a good ambiance is always appreciated. I am also somewhat of a food adventurer; always looking for the new and exciting. Almost no limitations; except for Mexican food ( I live in L.A. and there is no point eating it anywhere else but Mexico!). Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Or, just listing your own personal favorites. Thanks!

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    1. alot of places might be hard to get in b/c of Bay to Breakers.

      1. My favorite restaurants are both closed on Sundays.

        Open on Sundays is Jardiniere. Great restaurant.

        You can also call Slanted Door at EXACTLY 5:30pm for a reservation for that night...