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New In San Antonio. Suggestions?

I have just recently moved here to San Antonio from the Dallas area, and it seems like everytime my girlfriend and I try to go out and have a nice meal, we end up driving around for an hour looking, then settle on a place and we always seem to be disappointed. I haven't eaten at a place here yet that has impressed me. Our budget is tight, so no 5 star suggestions, but where can we go to get a tasty meal with friendly service in this town? I know there are more than plenty of places, but we just aren't aware of them yet. I live in the Castle Hills area and I work near 281 and Bitters. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. Well I'm trying to think of some.I live over in the area east of San Antonio,by Randolph AFB. Los Generales on Nagodoches Road was good when I ate there.The staff was friendly and it's not real expensive.The Silo down on Austin Hwy in the Terrel Hills -Alamo Heights area sometimes has a full color ad in the newspaper.They do have some things that aren't too expensive. There is a new mexican restaurant down acroos or next to the Witte Museum.They have music,free sopapillas and more interior type food.Saw their ad on tv on Channel 17,one of the spanish channels.
    You might try the website for SA Current magazine.They have restaurant reviews.Don't know of anything in your area. Now I have eaten at Beijing Chinese Restraunt on N.W.Military and I think Blanco or Lockhill Selma.That was good.Wish I could help more.

    1. Welcome to town.
      In your area I'd say for sure hit up Magnolia Pancake Haus for breakfast.
      There's usually a wait of about 20-40 minutes on weekends, but it's well worth it.
      They are near Bitters and West.
      Also good Mexican/Tex-Mex I've can recommend in that area is Ruthie's on West near Blanco Rd.
      We had the same trouble finding good places to eat when we first moved to S.A.
      Try out this site www.SAeats.com
      Hope it helps.

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        Thank you. This helps. I have been to the Magnolia Pancake Haus, and it was spectacular. Best pancakes I've ever had, and that means better than my grandmother's! I drive by Ruthie's every day and I was wondering about that. I will definitely check that out. Thanks again!

      2. Chris Madrid's for burgers
        Brenda's Burgers (on SW Military ... a bit further drive)
        El Rafas on Hildebrandt just W of IH-10 ... very good Mx
        Papouli's on Huebner just W of IH-10 www.papoulis.com ... pretty decent Greek (behind Freebird Burritos
        )Ajuua @ 11703 Huebner www.ajuua.net ain't bad for Cuban (the stuff I've had
        )Asia Market & Kitchen 1739 SW Loop 410 just S of Marbach exit ... good Thai
        Broadway Daily Bread 5011 DeZavala for a killer chocolate fudge covered chocolate brownie (take your insulin with you)
        Buffalo Wild Wings 5860 DeZavala (1 mi W of IH-10) ... just wings but the medium hot ones are decent. Wed has 50 cent chicken thighs ... easy to fill up on a few of them w/ a $2 happy hour pint
        Candlelight Coffeehouse 3011 N St Mary's is a place she'll like ... some of the food is pretty good w/o being overly pricey.
        Willard's Jamaican Jerk BBQ 726 E Mistletoe
        (and after ... go around the corner to SAHomebrew for a beer ... 2809 St Mary's @ E Craig)
        El Chaparral in Helotes ... 3 mi N of 1604 on Bandera ... on the Lt ... decent TxMx ... always a line
        El Siete Mares www.elsietemaresinc.com 1662 Encino Rio #100 497-4744 Very good Mx seafood
        Go Hyang Jib Korean BBQ 822-8846 2 blks inside 410/I-35 at Rittiman ... maybe best Korean in town.
        Los Antojitos 3330 Culebra (W of Memorial) ... good breakfast & lunch
        Pho San Antonio ... 6180 Wurzbach @ Evers (SW corner
        )Specht's Store ... www.spechts.com - good burgers, tin roof outside dining w/ band
        Swede's www.swedesrestaurant.com good lunch $6.50-7.25
        Taipei www.taipeigourmet.com 2211 NW Military ... I like it but haven't been in a while
        Tom's Ribs (only the original @ 13323 Nacogdoches @ Higgins 654-7427 www.tomsribs.com for reasonably priced lunch ... always a line.

        Some will be a bit of a drive, & your taste may not match mine ... but I think you can find a way to get fed at moderate prices at one of these!

        Also ... am fond of Naple's Pizza but it's a bit pricey 14602 Huebner @ Military Hwy in HEB center ... I like the fully loaded pizza (including Japs, fuzzy fish & garlic ... I don't take hostages!



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          I have to report a possible downhill slide on El Rafas Cafe, especially their flour tortillas, which I've formerly raved about (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/320296 ). This weekend, the flour tortillas tasted like most of the lard and even the baking powder had been cut from the recipe. Their lackluster flavor and thin, dry texture were terrible, despite the fact that these tortillas are still housemade. Fortunately, the corn tortillas, which are also made in house, were quite good. As for the rest of the food, the refried beans were the best part of the huevos rancheros plate: They had decent pork-fat flavor, though they would have benefitted from more. This plate also came with two eggs cooked to order (over-easy) and soft, greasy french fries in place of breakfast potatoes—both of which were decent, not great. Bacon or sausage can be added to breakfast plates for a charge of $1.25. Everything about the chorizo con huevo taco was awful: Tasteless chorizo, overly high egg-to-chorizo ratio, and a bad flour tortilla. I had to butter [actually Country-Crock] the tortilla in order to be able to stomach any of this taco. The small caldo de pollo was full of large chunks of carrot and potato; the chicken hadn't been cooked enough to fall off the bone when pulled at with a fork, which is more typical of this dish. The mild caldo, and the Mexican rice that came on the side, were okay.

        2. Have you tried El Jarro, close to your office? I haven't been there in several years, but it used to be quite good.

          1. I, too, just moved to SA (after a 20 year stint in the military). For tight budgets, the local taquerias can't be beat. Breakfast tacos can be had 3/$1.99, lunch specials for $4.95 including tea, and dinner for one well under $10. My favorite taquerias are the Jalisco style. I prefer to order carne asada tacos, on corn, with pico. If I'm feeling really hungy, I'll get rice and beans. I've paid no more than $4.50 for three of these.
            Like many of the BBQ posts here, the Tex-Mex aficionados have their favorite haunts. For the record, I've never had a bad meal in a taqueria, although I've not gone back to a couple places due to the sanitary conditions (ceiling fans dripping with gunk, etc).
            I know this is very generic in terms of not recommending specific restos, but Taqueria Jalisco Fill-In-The-Blank shouldn't disappoint on too many levels.

            1. Hey and welcome to San Antonio. Try a new tapas/dinner place at Stone Oak & 281 called Cafe Paladar. Really cool sophisticated Latin. It can be pricey, but it's worth a bit of a splurge. There's a 5-course champagne brunch on Sunday for $30 that can't be beat! Enjoy the city

              1. Blanco Cafe on Blanco Road for GREAT value Mexican breakfast and lunches.
                Karam's on Zarzamora just west of downtown for the BEST cheese enchiladas in town.

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                  I think there are 2 Blanco's Cafe on Blanco Rd. I think the one closer to town is really cool in a run down authentic way. I think the chili con carne here is the best I have ever had.
                  I like Karams for the Puffy Tacos but will check out the enchiladas next time.

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                    Last time I had the puffy tacos at Karams they weren't very good, BUT the cheese Enchiladas are always outstanding. BTW, if you want to take the grub "To Go" at the Take Out place adjacent to the dining room you will have about $2.00-$3.00 per plate.

                2. Guajillos at 410 and Blanco for excellent authentic mexican
                  Julians pizza near the movie theater off Bitters near 281
                  Bin 555 on Bitters
                  Longhorn Cafe on Blanco between Bitters and 1604
                  Bigz burgers on 1604 between Huebner and Bitters
                  Sawadee Thai on Blanco inside 410

                  1. I realize the original post is a little dated but thought I'd toss a few out there too. The Thai place mentioned earlier on Blanco inside 4-10 is a good one, as is the tea room in the same shopping center. We're talking just south of Recter on the right if headed toward town. Lion and Rose at Blanco and 4-10 is excellent for pub food, but you have to not mind pubbiness? what a word. Try the Chicken Curry or the pub crock, quite nice. Outsie 4-10 have had some very good pies at Gumbas pizza and the people there were super friendly too. I'll second the Blanco Cafe suggestions, and add one of my personal "best buys" Serranos on Broadway in Alamo Heights, not sure about the spelling. Coincidentally, they're next door or really close to another Lion and Rose location that is, even better in my opinion.

                    Haven't found the end-all Chinese restaurant yet, but Terquoise, oh my spelling again, inside Loop 4-10 on Fredericksburg is an excellent option for middle eastern flavors.

                    Not a big fan of Candlelight coffee, mainly feel like an outsider every time I go, so rather spend my $$ elsewhere. Willards's is take out I believe so that may not be an option. Besides, the proprietor takes his sweet time getting the order set up so you might be in there for the better part of a half an hour just getting your order to go, plus pay extra for sauce? No thanks!

                    I'm long winded. Sorry, enjoy and welcome!