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May 18, 2007 08:30 AM

dover sole in vegas

Looking for the best dover sole in a nice upscale las vegas restaurant. I've heard micheals to be good but can't find it. In the old days I would eat at Palace court in Caesar's palace but for some reason they no longer operate and don't serve dover sole

any recommendations would be appreciated

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  1. There is, as I'm sure you know an eight hour time difference between England and Las Vegas. Dover Sole should never, be frozen so I think it is even more difficult to get real Dover Sole in Las Vegas than it is in New York. I would be interested to see how people respond.

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      Michael's at the Southpoint has Dover Sole on the Menu.
      Michael's is Classic, Elegant with impeccable food and Service.
      They have just opened in their new location....

      From last weeks Review Journal:

      The DB Brasserie @ the Wynn features Dover Sole on Friday's.

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        Many thanks, I have eaten sole at Micheals years ago and it was wonderful (though Pricey)

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        I remember having excellent Dover sole at Pinot Brasserie in the Venetian. This was quite some time ago, but they may still have it.

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          The BEST Dover Sole is at Alize at the top of the Palms! Seriously one of the best meals I have ever had, and you cannot beat that view... Not to mention the great service, and I've actually seen the Maloof's there a couple of times! I highly suggest it!! They also own two other restaurants in town. The Original Andre's has been in business in downtown Vegas for almost 30 years... Check out their website...

        2. I know that Prime at the Bellagio serves Dover Sole. It is a steakhouse but I've heard that the Sole is pretty good.

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            Alize at the Palms Hotel had Dover sole flown in fresh from the UK last time I was there, a couple of months ago. At about $60, it was the most expensive thing on the menu, I think, but it was excellent, and the service at Alize is top-notch.

          2. had a great potato crusted dover sole at Tableau at the wynn if that helps?

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              ooh. that's not a nice post. i love tableau. and potato crusted dover sole??? yum! i wish i was in vegas!!! :)

            2. after much discussion about the buffet at planet hollywood, i ate lunch there last week with SO - $17/person...and they had dover sole stuffed with crab ( it was actually stuffing with pieces of crab...salty ) ...sad to say, i am not a dover sole was a little to dry and chewy for me...but i did like the flavor...for those that rave about this was good...i have to give a slight nod to wynn and bellagio ...i was very surpised as to how slow the place most places, they separated by cuisine with salad bars at each end and the desserts in the middle...the desserts were so-so...they seem to cater for the children, the sundae/ice cream bar ( no gelato like wynn...or was it bellagio or rocks had bellagio...i remember that ! ) they had m&m's, chocolate/carmel corn and cotton candy...i thought those were kinda neat but again for kids...the adult desserts were average, the chinese station very average, as was the middle eastern, i really liked the italian...the lobster pasta had nice bite sized pieces of lobster, loved the sausage and peppers, make your own pizza ( i did not try but i liked the idea ! ) the seafood was ok...the calamari was tender crab legs ( maybe they save those for the dinner crowd ) the mexican section - average ...make your own tacos, quesidillas, tamales, about some mole !!?? the american section was the largest station - i liked the mac and cheese, the turkey was very tender and juicy, too much sauce on the ribs, although i did not try - they had made to order burgers, dogs and brats...i wish they had sliders instead just so i could try ( the burger looked like a 1/4#...too big !! same complaint on the desserts...i like bite sized servings !! )

              overall, i liked the place but it's about 3rd or 4th on my buffet list...cravings is next !!!