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Kid-friendly restaurants in Manhattan

We'll be visiting NYC this summer, and I'm looking for a kid-friendly place for lunch/dinner. You know, a place that actually has highchairs! A kid's menu is not crucial, since my kids are very adventurous eaters. Anywhere in Mid to Lower Manhattan would be ideal. If anyone has any suggestions on restaurants that don't mind noisy chatter from young kids, I'd really like to hear from you! Thanks!

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  1. Balthazar (SoHo)
    Landmarc (Tribeca)
    Republic (Union Square)
    Blue Smoke (Gramercy)
    dim sum (various places in Chinatown)

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      I second Lanmarc, Blue Smoke, and dim sum.

      Landmarc has a new 2nd location at Time Warner Center, which will be great for lunch/dinner/brunch after shopping. Great view of the Central Park too!

      I will also add La Bonne Soupe in Midtown near Radio City, and Otto in downtown for Batali's pizza. Try their olive oil gelato! Your kids will love it!

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        Landmarc ,Cowgirl Hall of fame,Henry's End in Brooklyn,Cornelia Street Cafe

    2. Petite Abeille, on 20th & 1st.

      1. S'mac, that macaroni and cheese place, is pretty kid friendly from what i hear.

        And if your tots like peanut butter, then peanut butter & company is definitely worth a stopover.

        1. Any Sarabeth's (there's one on Central Park South, others UWS and UES), or Serendipity 3. They're both used to children. The Brooklyn Diner in Times Square is surprisingly good and appears to be kid friendly.

          I would not take a child to Balthazaar. It's close quarters and if your kids get antsy, they will be bumping into other customers and wait staff.

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            I thought it was child friendly because it was LOUD. I didn't have to worry about every squeek my child made bothering other customers. I would never let my child roam around a restaurant regardless of how much space there were. They had high chairs and the waitstaff brought crayons for my son.

          2. I thought of a few more:
            Barking Dog (UES and also E. 34th St)
            Max Brenner AKA Chocolate by the Bald Man (not the greatest food but it might be fun for the kids in a Willy Wonka sort of way) Union Square
            Schiller's Liquor Bar (Lower East Side)

            1. Penelope, on the corner of Lex & 30th St., is very kid-friendly. Eclectic menu, tasty food, excellent service, and charming decor.


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                Agree that Penelope's is a good choice for kids, but unfortunately they only have one high chair in the restaurant.

              2. I take my 7-year old daughter's out in the city pretty regularly, and here are their favorites (in no particular order, since they're 7 and the order would change every day):

                Saigon Grill (in the Village and UWS)
                Max Brener (Union Sq)
                Serendipity (near the 59th St. Bridge)
                Mars 2112 (midtown - theme restaurant with eh food)

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                  The last few times I've been to lunch at Kazimar (9th and C) there were children everywhere. The staff is clearly used to them and they should definatly have high chairs, etc. It's French, but I think I saw the kid next to me eat pancakes and spagetti (yummy)!

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                    Do you mean Casimir (between 6th and 6th on Av. B)?

                2. New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe in Chinatown. Lots of good food and a neat bridge from the front to the back of the restaurant with a pond under the bridge. Kids love to look for the goldfish in the pond.