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Oct 9, 2005 09:24 PM

Gaylords in Sausalito

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Gaylords, a long established Indian restaurant, just opened in Sausalito. I like Indian and like Sausalito.

Bottom line: not worth it if you care about food.

pluses: a great waterfront view of San Francisco at night. just terrific.

service: hurried and scattered. They've just opened so maybe it will get better with time. We arrived on time for our 8:00pm reservations. We had to wait about 25 minutes before we could be seated. Our waiter was nervous, forgot our drink order, later forgot our rice order, had to be tracked down when we needed something, etc. If this was an inexpensive restaurant, we'd go with the flow but Gaylords is more in the $30 / person without drinks range.

our food:

Vegetable Pakora (~$6): no flavor at all except for the sauces. Not worth the capacity.

Organic Baby Field Greens & Crispy Papadum ($8): really just some greens with a little cucumber. Not interesting.

Poori ($4): not nearly as good as the poori at Vic's Chat Cafe in Berkeley. These had been sitting arounda while, had fallen and were pretty oily.

Lamb Pasanda ($19): great flavorful sauce but only four small bit-size chunks of lamb. That's almost $5/bite. We thought of ordering a second one but felt ripped-off by the small portions.

Yellow Dal ($12): described as flavored with clove butter and mustart seeds, it was in fact totally dominated by lots of ginger. You really could not taste anything else. And agin the portion was small. More like a side dish than a main course.

I'd guess the service will improve but since Gaylords was well-established in San Francisco before moving to Sausalito, I'd guess the portion size and preparation will not.

There are much better places to eat in Sausalito. Not all of them have the great view though.

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  1. Thanks for the report on the Sausalito Gaylords. I always thought the San Francisco Gaylords was mediocre and way overpriced. The times I ate there were business related and someone else was paying. I doubt the Sausalito branch will improve given the SF track record.

    1. Where are they? i.e., what restaurant formerly occupied their slot?

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        Robert Lauriston


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          I blinked and missed Antidote, so don't know that one. And what was there before Antidote? Is this the place that was dearly beloved Zacks for decades, and then Margaritaville?

          1. re: Sharuf

            It was a ChartHouse, can't remember what came afterwards if anything... but certainly Sally Stanfords back in the day.

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              Robert Lauriston


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                The gray cells are going fast-- please, just a hint of what this was!

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                  Valhalla was Sally Stanford's place.

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                    Robert Lauriston

                    And later the name of somebody else's place, with Chart House in between.

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                  Hey, thanks! Now I got it located.

          2. I had a memorable 4th of July dinner there. It was a great place to watch fireworks being set off in Sausalito and San Francisco. There is much better Indian food to be had elsewhere in the Bay area, but this was certainly "adequate" for a comfortable place for waterfront dining on the 4th. The vegetarian appetizers (samosas and the rest of the standards) were very fresh, but ordinary, as were the gulab jamin for dessert. The main courses (tandoori rack of lamb, saag paneer) were o.k. but not exceptionale. The service was very gracious but slow; considering food was served during the fireworks, it cold have been worse. The meal was priced for the spectacular view, not the food ($90 for two with drinks, tax, and generous tip). I will search elsewhere for Indian food but probably return to Gaylords next year.

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              Zack's in Sausalito... I used to go there when I lived in SF in 1960. Great Place! I spent every Tuesday night there. They had turtle races in one of the large rooms... little painted turtles in the days before people worried about getting some weird disease from them. But more important, to me, was what went on in the adjacent room. Large room with a movie screen. They showed Charlie Chaplin movies every Tuesday night. A couple of scotch and waters (my drink of choice then), a burger, and I was set. Sorry to hear Zack's is no longer there.

            2. Well Gaylord India Restaurant in Sausalito is no longer there either...