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May 18, 2007 08:10 AM

Backpacking food ideas?

I'm going on several backpacking trips this summer and I'm looking for some great food ideas that are light to carry (and that wont spoil). I've been looking at some other posts as well as online, but most everything is for car camping/camping with a cooler. I do have a dehydrator to prep veggies and fruit. Any suggestions besides the typical (though amazing) Annie's mac and cheese would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Chinese/Japanese dried mushrooms (shiitake) are very light and tasty .... quite inexpensive also. Chinese sausage is also tasty and cooks up very quickly... not quite as durable as the mushrooms but certainly not as fragile as other types of fresh sausage.

    1. The laughing cow cheese
      tuna fish
      beef jerky
      Tortilla Wraps

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        don't forget the GORP.

        I've been backpacking once and don't make the mistake I made...carried 2 lbs of pancake mix, yup, you think I was going to feed 20 people and be gone for two weeks. Bring only what you need, minimize all packaging and think light foods like dried noodles or rice where you just add water. Those mushrooms sound awesome.

        I'm envious!

      2. When I'm backpacking, my food depends on what my daily objective is which most of the time is 10 miles a day, about 3,000 ft. elevation, and I'm shooting for 4,000+ calories, or about 2 pounds of food a day (very rough estimate.)
        My basic food is the old standby gorp. I custom mix my own, getting most of my ingredients from Trader Joe's, Peanut M&M?s are still great. Cheap, tasty, high in calories, easy to pack and eat. Energy bars are compact and have reasonable caloric density and nutrition. They are expensive though. I like Cliff Bars but end up taking Power Bars a lot of the time because I can get them cheaper. Peanut butter boosts my caloric density. Cheap and easy to pack. Crackers or dense bread add grains. Grape Nuts. Add grains. Use for breakfast with powdered milk. I used powdered milk (Milkman, other brands taste really bad!) and meat jerky in combination with grains (grape nuts, crackers, flour in pemmican bars) as a source for complimentary proteins. Milk boosts my calcium. Cheese is a treat and adds calories, protein and calcium. But doesn't keep as well as some other foods. Cheddar cheese is around 115 cal/oz and keeps fairly well. Parmesan is around 130 cal/oz and keeps very well. I sometimes bring hard, dry salami on a short trip or on the first few days of a long trip. I bring dried fruit to add fiber, variety, and as source of minerals and vitamins. I bring chocolate (as needed), to add fat and calories. Boost my cal/oz. total. Any room or extra weight I can deal with is for water.

        1. I have a recipe for energy bar biscotti which are good. If you're interested, I can post it.

          I just found it online, along with other good suggestions.

          1. We always took rice balls, shaped and wrapped in Saran wrap. Spam kind, breakfast sausage stuffed and egg kind, eaten in the morning for breakfast. Burritos are always easy to eat and I made energy bars with dried fruit, nuts, oatmeal and cereal.