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May 18, 2007 07:31 AM

Mini getaway with great food

I'm looking for a weekend getaway, max 2 hours from Toronto in a romantic, relaxing, and foodie location, in early June. A winery is not a great option since I can't drink. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi there,
    we went to Langdon Hall a year or so ago, and the food was fabulous, plus there's all sorts of spa services, great walking and biking trails, etc. LH is part of the Relais Chateau chain, which offer fabulous food anywhere you go, so you can search where else they might have restaurants/hotels. Also, check out the Toronto Life Getaway Guide, not that I can personally attest to any there, but it might be a good starting place. Good luck!

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    1. re: alisonb

      Looks beautiful and the menu looks great, would you say its worth the money?

      1. re: ddelicious

        i thought it was fabulous, and we were splurging for an anniversary, so in that sense it was definitely worth it.

    2. Second on Langdon Hall. Great rooms with real fireplaces, fantastic service, good wine list (delivered to room, as well). Lounge menu has a burger with a slice of foie gras on it.

      Another good place is Millcroft Inn, with similar amenities, near Caledon

      1. Try Picton, Ontario. The Claramont Inn is beautiful, and Harvest restaurant is getting fantastic reviews.

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        1. re: Phoenix

          I second Picton - the latest (June) issue of Toronto Life has a mini guide to Picton it in, including a glowing review of Harvest.

          1. re: sleepymiffy

            The Waring House in Picton has wonderful food and there are rooms/suites as well, a little 'precious' in decor for my taste but certainly is 'du jour' for the County. There are lots of B&B's in Prince Edward County besides Picton. (Wellington. Ameliasburg, Milford, Bloomfield ). Have also stayed at The Isaih Tubbs Resort. ..and can safely say to give it a pass....big and impersonal. Have you thought about "The Briars" at Lake Simcoe?
            They have Motel type rooms which are quite nice but you can stay in the Main house which is nice and not too frou-frou. It's a lovely setting..good walking....good golf...lots of amenities and best of all, it is a very close drive from Toronto (also has a swimming pool open in the summer months.) If you have money to spare check out The Inn at Manitou or Arohowhon (sp?) Pines..much further to drive and very costly for both.

          2. re: Phoenix

            I second it too, or third it, as the case may be. We loved the food at the Claramont in and the pool was gorgeous. I hear good things about the Merrill Inn too. We liked Harvest - wasn't the best food I've had - must have been an off night, but we will be back for another try. The service was delightful.

            1. re: Higgette

              I'm from Picton. (Our family home is beside Claramount, opposite Harvest.) While Harvest seems to be the busiest after all the great press they've received, a lot of people rate Merrill Inn right up there. And Louie is doing some good work at Claramount. I had a little restaurant down there in the 80's and I sourced almost everything from local growers in the County. I was just 20 years too early.

          3. Are you looking for an inn or would an upscale B&B suffice? I've been to Langdon; the rooms are plush, the food is great, but your wallet will be a lot lighter...

            1. Hillcrest Victorian Inn & Spa (in Port Hope) has a reallynice restaurant on site, delicious menu of excellent organic & seasonal foods, for their guests. Lovely rooms, full spa services, beautiful grounds with pool, indoor & outdoor hot tubs, walking trails, close to golf club, list goes on. Website is Sample menus under "dining"
              Enjoyed my stay there in mid September last year

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              1. re: purrbollina

                Thirded for picton. Harvest is super expensive (entrees are 30$ + if I remember correctly) but if you do decide to go, please let me know, I can give you the insider's scoop (I have a cottage there and can tell you where to stay and not stay, etc etc).

                This of course goes for anyone who wants info on prince edward county :)