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May 18, 2007 07:28 AM

Sugar-free birthday cake on the fly?

Being the bad daughter that I am I have completely neglected the fact that no one has planned the cake part of my father's upcoming 50th birthday (this Monday). It took a call from Auntie in LA to remind me.

Anyway, dad's diabetic so sugar free is in order. I have tried:

Patisserie Poupon
Balto. Cupcake Co.
Dangerously Delicious Pies

DDP can do a few things sugar free, but everyone else was a no. Dad's picky though, and not terribly fond of anything they can offer (fruit pies, pumpkin and sweet potato).

Any ideas?

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  1. I try the closest Giant or go for an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. They are the most likely source of a sugar free cake.

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    1. re: masha

      I ended up getting a sugar-free apple pie from DDP (he likes those, who knew?).

      I'll definitely look into Giant and Baskin Robbins for father's day though. Thanks!

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        One other thought is not to order sugar-free, but just go with a cake that does not have a particularly high sugar content -- e.g., without any frosting. Angel food cake, with raspberry sauce served on the side, or a pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries served on the side. Easy to make whipped cream with Splenda too. Some of the specialty cake places that you mention in the OP might be willing to make a cake frosted with whipped cream made with Splenda if you placed the order early enough.

    2. This might be too late for you but try Tenzo Artisan in Federal Hill in Baltimore. I know they do gluten free stuff so maybe they do sugar free too. The phone number is 410-302-6233.

      1. Has anyone found any bakeries in the DC area that do sugar-free cakes/cupcakes? I need to get a bunch of cupcakes for a charity dinner at a hospice. Many of the residents have diabetes and have requested a bunch of sugar-free desserts. Please let me know if you have ANY suggestions. I have a bunch of volunteers who are going to be all over the city collecting various items so location is not a problem.

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          I have diabetes and am still looking for a baker to do a sugar-free wedding cake near Baltimore. If anyone knows of any bakery that will do it, please let me know. Fishers (now Sweet, Whole Foods, and Charm City Cakes will not do it.

          1. re: weaselcat

            Cakes by Happy Eatery in Centerville and Manassas, VA have diabetic and vegan style cakes (I think they have a recipe for just about everything). I can't tell the difference between the sugar free and their regular cakes. Friend said the vegan cake tastes just like devil's food cake. Yummy! Great selection and the customer service is excellent.