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May 18, 2007 06:59 AM

Todd English's Bluezoo

I'm going to be at Disney in about a week and was wondering if it was worth trying. Is Emeril's or Tchoup-Chop better?

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  1. Tchoup-Chop was one of the worst meals for the moneywe have ever had. The food was from uninspired to over salted. Large cocktail for 2 was the best thing we had. Blue Zoo was much better. Clam Pizza & Lobster were great. Primo @ JW Marriott was also a good choice.

    1. We had a very nice dinner at Blue Zoo during a family trip to Disney. The place is spectacularly decorated with a blue floating bubble theme, really nice at sunset. Though we ate in the dining room, they permitted us to order from the bar/cafe menu as well -- they weren't jammed, and we had a large party with kids and teens. I particularly remember some flatbreads, with clams and other variations, that were tasty appetizers.

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        >>Though we ate in the dining room, they permitted us to order from the bar/cafe menu as well -- they weren't jammed, and we had a large party with kids and teens. I particularly remember some flatbreads, with clams and other variations, that were tasty appetizers.<<

        We wanted to have dinner at the bar booth, but they refused. Not sure why. Across at the Swan is the new Italian restaurant, Il Mulino. Food is excellent. Expensive, but very good.

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          If I recall correctly, the bar/cafe area was not available to sit at the night our party of nine had dinner. But as I said, we did order items off of the more casual and less expensive bar/cafe menu. Our meal wouldn't have been nearly as much fun or successful without that option. With all of the other choices at Disney, including a Shula's steakhouse right across the foyer in the same hotel, I would certainly hope that they would be somewhat flexible. Also, I think that we had to pay with a separate credit card because I don't think they accept the Disney charge cards. I also remember getting there using a sorta fun ferry boat. I certainly would ask about these issues when making a reservation.

      2. I've had several VERY good meals at Tchoup-chop but it has been several months since the last. People love bashing Emeril. Don't believe the bash hype

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          I was not bashing Em. I was commenting on a $160 meal that was close to inedible. I over salt every thing & the food was too salty for my taste. I have had good meals at Emeril's in New Oreans & Orlando also at NOLA. However, the chef's at Tchoup Chop could not pull off the fusion thing last fall. The Cantonese Lobster at Blue Zoo is expensive, but worth the price compared to the Elk & New York Strip we had at Tcoup-Chop.

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            I'm visiting my folks who live in The Villages on Thursday, we're stopping by Emeril's Orlando for lunch on the way back from the airport. I'm going to Disney probably Friday, and would like to try Bluezoo after seeing the positive reviews.

            About Emeril...his Vegas restaurants are incredible! His Delmonico Steakhouse was better than Jean-Georges' Prime at Bellagio. And that place is tough to beat. I have every confidence Emeril's in Orlando will not disappoint. Emeril knows his stuff, if Tchoup-Chop is less than fantastic, I hope he's worked on it.

            I will of course let people know what I think. Can one make reservations at Bluezoo same day?

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              bluezoo in the the WDW Dolphin hotel. You can, and should, make a reservation as early as possible. Dinner only.407-934-1111.

              I doubt Emeril has paid any attention to Tchoup chop since it opened, despite a couple of chef changes. He pays people to do that. As long as business is good and Loews and Universal aren't complaining, he's focused on projects that make him more money.


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                make sure you have the banana cream pie at emeril's - i have not been there for a couple of years, but it was GREAT

            2. I thought the Blue Zoo menu was hit or miss. Not to be missed are the ZooBerry Martini, the tuna tartare appetizer, and the raw bar featuring raw oysters from the Pacific and the Atlantic. Also, the Cantonese Lobster was fantastic but was one of the most expensive items on the menu. The Tempura Haricot Vert side dish was also delish.

              1. We had a very mediocre meal at Emeril's, I would not recommend the place. Food ranged from bland to salty, breads were largely flavorless, sides tasted as though they had been prepared earlier and reheated. The service was intrusive and amateurish to boot. I have heard very good things about BlueZoo, but haven't been. If you go, I'd love to hear what yout think.

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                  We also had a medicore meal at Emerils last year when we went (glad I went though) . I've only been to Tchoup-Chop once a couple years back but enjoyed it thoroughly. Have never been to Blue Zoo but planning on trying it next trip to Disney, just for that Martini alone!!