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May 18, 2007 06:48 AM

Go Wasabi 30th Ave CLOSED!

Walked by Go Wasabi on 30th Ave this morning and found a sign from the Dpt of Health and Mental Hygiene that the restaurant has been shut down. Apparently though, the Ditmars location is still open and the owners hope to re-open the 30th Ave location soon. Yikes!

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  1. Yeah we saw that too, pretty scary since we eat there about once a week. Anyone have any details on why it was closed? Other good sushi places nearby?

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    1. re: npverni

      Chowhound moderators prefer that we not discuss health issues, so I won't address that. I will suggest as an alternative, however, JJ's Fusion on 31st Ave. and roughly 38th St. Try the small-plates! Especially the edamame dumplings and the apple/tuna sashimi!

    2. they are open again. can't say its a great thing since i think there are better places to go for your sushi fix- JJ's, Bai, Kumo, Watawa...

      1. We've eaten there twice since re-opening. They appear to have new staff though some of the chefs are the same. The food was great, the only complaint is they seemed to have had some bootleg beatles demo cd playing that was skipping and noone noticed. We heard the first verse of happiness is a warm gun the entire time we were eating.