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May 18, 2007 06:18 AM

Real Grenadine Syrup?

The red food coloring sugar syrup called grenadine is so foul. I know it's supposed to be based on pomegranates (hence the name). Is "real" grenadine syrup available? I've tried using pomegranate molasses which tastes great but is so thick it doesn't mix well. Any ideas?

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  1. Just make your own.

    The simple way is to just got a bottle of POM, mix that with an equal part superfine sugar in a jar and shake it every now and then until it dissolves.

    You can also heat up the POM and sugar in a saucepan to dissolve and let it cool.

    It was better than anything you can buy premade.

    1. Stirrings makes a good grenadine - it's certainly miles above the "red food coloring sugar syrup called grenadine."

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        I would add that Stirrings makes a grenadine that is not made from food coloring. Whether it's good or not should be left to the consumer. For my money, it's crap.
        Make your own. It's simple, economical and you get the right to boss around all the other syrups in your liquor cabinet.
        What? No liquor cabinet?
        What better reason to start one!


      2. Fafner's on the right track; pomegranate juice with enough sugar to give it a syrupy consistency.

        I usually use Torani pomegranate syrup, it has quite a nice flavor and uses real sugar.