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May 18, 2007 05:27 AM

Sarah's Shawarma

Had a beef shawarma at Sarah's last night. We drove by on the way to a concert. I haven't had one from there in a few months, and the shawarma was better than ever.

I don't know how they do this, but the beef was tender and crispy at the same time. And the other fillings are superb too. First some humous and garlic sauce on the pita. Then hot sauce - theirs is a really hot chili oil with lots of chili gunk on the bottom - if you want it super hot like i do - they put on the gunk at the bottom of the oil and not just the oil itself - amazing. Then lettuce, tomato, pickled turnip, onions, and parsley, then the beef, then tahina dressing. They wrap it up and put it between a press to warm/crisp the pita.

A perfect shawarma.

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  1. Hi acd123,
    Wow, that sounds delicious. We passed by last weekend, while on our way to The Real Thailand and I'm thinking of grabbing one tonight. Did you say the beef was tender? I've had beef shawarmas before, and they tend to be tough and chewy. How much are they and do they also have chicken and lamb?

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    1. re: red dragon

      Yeah, it was really good. But maybe I should qualify a bit because I don't want to mislead. There were pieces of beef in the shawarma that were crisp and chewy, mixed in with pieces that were soft and tender. I really liked that. It's kinda like the little burnt/crisp/chewy pieces gave extra flavour. Some people might not like the burnt and chewy pieces, but I liked that a lot. Maybe not on its own, but the whole thing came together really well.

      I think the beef shawarma was about $4.00, which was a steal considering how good it was. They have chicken too, but not sure about lamb. The chicken looks really good. My girlfriend had a fried cauliflower sandwich, and she loved it. She didn't feel like falafel or shawarma, and she was very pleased with what she had.

      1. re: acd123

        Thanks for the additional info ... I'll have to check it out. Change of plans for tonight though. We're headed to Dos Amigos.
        Have a nice long weekend!

      2. re: red dragon

        BTW, how was the Real Thailand? As I've written here before, I don't usually go for Thai in TO since returning from my second trip to Thailand in 2005. Everything here seems to be crappy in comparison. But the downside is that I might be missing something really great. Any comments?

        1. re: acd123

          I don't think I'll go back to Sarah's again.. I tried to buy on schwarma and they tried to charge me $15.00 for it. I told the lady are you sure that's right? and she was like yah one shawarma $15.00...that's BS to me and walked out..never again!!

          I ususally have good service decent price..but $15.00 is ridiculous to me.

          1. re: food_lover

            They were either 1) messing with you or 2) there was a misunderstanding. The shawarma is $4 or $5 and the shawarma plate is $8 or $9.

            1. re: acd123

              yah that's what I thought...and she said nope...$15.00 for the one schwarma....

              1. re: food_lover

                I think I would have argued the point with her. What was the end result?

                1. re: red dragon

                  end result me walking out with no Schwarama...i tried to argue the fact that $15.00 for one schwarama isn't right..doesn't it sound crazy..she looked at me like $15.00 is right...anyways walked out with no schwarma.. :(

                  1. re: food_lover

                    From the looks of things, my dear, it appears you dodged a bullet.

          2. re: acd123

            I've attached the link to my review below. I can't say I would return unfortunately. Atmosphere was nice, but the service was awful, portions were small (in my opinion). The whole snapper was about 7" long, I kid you not. We paid 15.95 for it. We plan to check out some other thai restaurants. I liked the food at Young Thailand (similar menu, previous employees, but YT charges about $1-2 more for each dish). I didn't like the atmosphere at YT though.

            1. re: red dragon

              I'm curious... what didn't you like about Young Thailand's atmosphere? I admit I like their old location better, but I thought their new location was still slightly elegant while feeling relaxed.

              1. re: vorpal

                It is a nice casual place, but not at all like the pictures on their website. The pictures are obviously from the old location and have not been updated, so it was just a surprise to see something different than what we saw. I've never been to the other locations before. Just my personal opinion, but we do love the food and plan to go back again!

                Have a wonderful weekend and I do hope you feel better soon :)

        2. I love Sarah's. I think that the beef shawarma is one of the best that I've ever had. I've never seen lamb shawarma there, unfortunately. As to the outrageous $15 shawarma foodlover didn't have, I suspect that it might have been a new employee not knowing what the hell was going on. Foodlover should have just pointed to the menu board to show that the shawarma is (I think) $4.99.

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          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            Went to Sarah's tonight and never again.

            You hear people rave about this place and I just don't get it.

            For one, they have debit/credit stickers in the door window, but when I went to pay with my card, he said it was debit only and charged me .50 extra.

            8 bucks for a hastily thrown together (and subsequently falling apart) sandwhich filled with something that came closer to dog meat than beef. The meat on the spit looked quite nice, but of course, instead of giving me that, he gave me the hot tray 5 hour sitting 10 hour over cooked sludge.

            What a waste of time. Never again.

            1. re: The Sausage King of Toronto

              You should read my other post on this topic. It follows the one in this thread.

              In mid 2008 or so, Sarah's went seriously downhill. Instead of cutting the meat off the spit, they started keeping the meat warm is a grease-filled warming tray. I've never experienced a place go from so good to so gross over such a short period of time.

              Once I asked the woman behind the counter to but the meat off the spit and she said no. So I walked out and I haven't been back since.

          2. The original comment has been removed