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May 18, 2007 03:46 AM

mcdonald's lobster rolls

I was bored and wanted to see what mcdonald's serves all around the world and I found out that mcd's sells lobster rolls in the new england area. I live in boston and have never seen this (only been here for 3 years though) and I was wondering:

1. How does it taste?
2. Where do I get this?

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  1. I can't help you find one since I had it in Nova Scotia this summer but as far as taste, it was not bad. We had it after eating the recommended lobster rolls all through Maine (the place on the dock in Freeport -can't remember the name- Red's in Boothbay, etc) The McDonalds' one had a smallish hotdog roll filled with lobster for about $6.00 Canadian. The lobster wasn't overflowing the roll, but wasn't skimpy either.
    The problem was that both the bread and the lobster were served way too cold so it was hard to evaluate the taste. And to tell the truth, we had the same complaint about some of the Maine rolls - I don't mind lobster chilled, but when it is too cold it might as well be that fake stuff.

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    1. re: eimac

      I've also had this in Nova Scotia. I agree that it is way too cold to taste the roll. And it's mayo-based; I prefer a butter based roll.

      1. re: eimac

        was the hot dog roll at least new england style? basically looks like a folded up slice of white bread and buttered on the sides (I highly doubt it).

        seeing as how I have no fear of food poisoning, i'd probably leave the lobster roll out to room temp and then eat it. One of these days I will get sick ):

        1. re: bitsubeats

          Nope - It was the standard hot dog roll. I wish the kind you were talking about ( I remember Howard Johnson's clam dogs were on it) were available in the South where I live. I bought some while I was in the NE ( we were in an RV so I was cooking too) but I used them all up by the time I got home.

      2. I guess this is for the folks who also like Red Lobster?

        The quality can't be very good, because with the terribly high price of lobster right now, how could they afford to sell it at Mickey D's prices?

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        1. re: ChefJune

          I didn't think about that...totally forgot that lobster prices are skyhigh now

          I know that I'm the middle of the "lobster roll belt", but you can't beat a lobster roll for $5.99 especially when there are lobster rolls around $20 everywhere

          I'm cheap, what can I say

          1. re: bitsubeats

            I hear you there. We had a hard time rationalizing what was essentially a $40 fast food lunch for two, and that was splitting an order of fries!

            1. re: eimac

              Chalk it up to the powers of Sysco (and lots and lots of mayo) ...

        2. You used to be able to get them in the Boston Area. They were seasonal in the summer, but I haven't seen them in the last few years. But I haven't really been looking.

          It was definitely served too cold.

          1. My husband and I got one of the lobster rolls from McDonalds on our drive from the airport in Providence, RI to Orleans on Cape Cod in July 2002! We've been back three times since and could not recall which McDonalds along the thruway we stopped at, we tried a couple last summer without luck. We both remember them as very good! Split top bun. We live in Houston and I was having such a hankering for a lobster roll over the weekend I went and bought an 11 oz. lobster tail, steamed it, mixed the meat with a little mayo and finely diced celery, ground pepper and fresh squeezed lemon. I had to make my own split top rolls as well. Used feresh baked hot dog buns from the bakery, cut a little of each side off, split the top, lightly buttered and grilled them lightly on both sides. Delicious.

            1. Okay, I have never had a lobster roll. And when I do get the opportunity to get good fresh lobster, I can't imagine putting it in mayo and on a hotdog bun. Can some New Englander please explain the allure of this? I mean if I could buy canned lobster like I can tuna and make what is basically a tuna salad sandwich, sure. I can see that. Speaking of which... why don't they do that? Anyway, not critical, just a curious landlubber.

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              1. re: Firegoat

                Skip the mayo. Just dab some butter on the outside of the hotdog bun, and grill or toast (if you must) until it's a little brown.

                Just another delivery device for a delicious food. Much easier to eat than having to crack the shell, etc. etc. Don't knock it until you've tried it. ;)

                Oh, and if you find one at McDonald's? Please do not assume this is what a lobster roll tastes like. Those are (were? I haven't seen one in a few years) what frozen claw and knuckle meat sort of taste like)

                1. re: L2k

                  Trust me, I'm not knocking it. Just trying to understand it.

                  1. re: Firegoat

                    The Mister grew up in Boston and has relatives who work in the seafood fishing industry and also some who live in Maine about a mile from the docks where the lobster boats dock.

                    Lobster is (was) very abundant there. I remember restaurants used to have "twin lobster' dinners for $10...the relatives would have their freezers filled with frozen whole and refrigerated fresh lobster meat. I remember years ago buying them for $1 each. Live. At the dock.

                    Making it into a 'lobster salad', similar to tuna salad, is just another way to consume it. Serving it on the rolls is just the 'fancy' or restaurant or lunch counter way of serving a sandwich. The whole sitting down to a plate, formally cracking, picking and drawn butter when you have 10 live lobsters and two people is impractical. You have to cook and clean and at least refrigerate the bugs in an efficient manner.