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Pleasant dinner at Batifole

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Enjoyed a relaxing evening in Batifole's low-key surroundings, the restaurant perhaps a little more than half-full on a Wednesday night, the only distraction being exhbitionist shrieks from one women in a jolly party of six occupying a table near the front entrance.

My friend said his appetizer, a special, was outstanding - pork belly with clams in a wine sauce. He also enjoyed his cheval tartare; as you can see he is an adventurous eater ! This less sophisticated person, the present writer, was no less pleased with his chicken liver paté brulée, and steak frites for main featuring a slightly chewy steak in a peppercorn sauce along with some of TO's best fries. Dessert involved a coffee-chocolate semifreddo for my friend, excellent also, and an undistinguished floating island lacking the caramel drizzle on the meringue and with a too-soupy creme anglaise.

The whole three courses, together with a $90 bottle of claret (a St Julien) recommended by our affable waiter, and after-dinner capp and coffee, came to just under $200 - inexpensive by Toronto standards. Batifole is a welcoming place without pretensions; it will not be the best food you ever have tasted; but it will predictably give you a fine meal without hassles and airs and graces.

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  1. I actually think I did try the best fish I've ever had. Great wine, great food, great service.
    Highly recommend.