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May 17, 2007 09:43 PM

Good late night Providence

I was wondering if anyone knows a place that serves good food after 11pm that isnt pizza or hot wieners or bad middle eastern food. Most those places open late on thayer street are...not so great (spikes, johnny rockets, east side pockets, even the creperie) .

Anything within 15-20 minutes of downtown that is open past 11 pm or even past 12 pm that serves good food that isnt pizza/hot dogs? All I an think of is cuban revolution. Is anything open later than that?

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  1. i know it is not great, but wes' in olneyville is open for bbq (not sure of current hrs, but they used to be quite late).

    1. the new blaze on thayer street is open and serving food until 1 am. also, loie fuller's now open on westminster on the west side serves their appetizers until later. julian's on broadway also has a late night menu!

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        Does Blaze on Thayer have a different menu than their other spot?

        1. re: deeelish

          it is the same menu- but it has changed since they opened the new location. they now have more pizzas and burgers, but still a great selection of the bigger entrees.

      2. I believe Zooma on Atwells/Federal Hill is serving until 2 AM on weekends and 1 AM during weeknights.

        While pizza, Fellini's is open late, they do serve some other things, and they're pretty good...

        Before their fire, I recall Downcity was open late, and they're reopening on Weybosset at some point soon...

        - Garris
        Providence, RI

        1. What about the Haven Brothers Diner truck, is that still around? I guess that may be a bit low-key, but it is a classic . . .

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            Haven Brothers? Still there. Still fun.

          2. Andrea's serves until 12, but it's crowded and loud and unpleasant on the weekend. I think Red Fez serves food pretty late too.

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            1. re: katajamasaki

              What about Jakes on Richmond St. or The Red Fez? Olneyville hot wieners always seem to call my name out late night.