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May 17, 2007 09:17 PM

In Hacienda Heights where to get Bibimpa?

My husband wants to know.. I don't even think I spelled it right .. thats Korean food so what else would they serve there?

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  1. There's a bunch of korean restaurants along Colima between Fairway and Fullerton. There's a place I like in the shopping center on Colima and Fairway. It's in the same shopping center as Happy Wok and Albertsons, right by the Mc Donald's. I'm sure people know of better places around there. Aside from the bibimpa I get the meat to grill at the table. The usual, chicken and kalbi (short ribs).

    1. Yu Chun on Colima and Fullerton offers bibimbap. They also offer dolsot bibimbap - it's served on a hot stone plate so that the bottom gets nice and crispy :)

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        Oh yeah, in the stone pot-that's the best and only way to have it!