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May 17, 2007 09:09 PM

Kisso - what to order?

I'm heading to Kisso (4th and Race) tomorrow night. What are their not-to-miss dishes? What size are their portions?

I know that the atmosphere is somewhat minimalist, but I'm more concerned about the food and service :)

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  1. These really nothing special about it, its standard generic japanese. I'd pick somewhere else to be honest.

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    1. re: acewex

      Oh, that's disappointing. I'm going with a friend and he made the reservation. I couldn't find their website, other that what is posted on menupages, and yes, the menu looks "standard".

      1. re: acewex

        Croutonpiggy, if you are still going and are sitting at the sushi bar, ask your sushi chef if there are any specials available. If never been to Kisso but many Japanese restaurants I've been to frequently don't list everything from the sushi bar on their menu.

      2. I usually get sushi when I'm there. It's not the best in the city, but it's very good.