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Any restaurant recs in Calabasas?

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Just moved to Calabasas and are looking for what's edible in this town, especially on Agoura Rd. or near Parkway Calabasas. Any kind of food is great, we're just curious if there's anything out there.

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  1. One of my favorite sushi joints is there, Shibuya.

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      I used to work in Calabasas and always looked forward to dinners at Shibuya. Everything there was so amazing. I just wish I had a reason to head that way again....

    2. Kings Fish House - It's right there in The Commons. Crowded yes, but, I always have a good meal there. Nothing fancy either but, great fresh fish - love the steamed clams!
      Stay away from the Cantina! Fins is good too, across from the Cantina. If you go W on the 101 to Westlake Blvd. You'll find Bristol Farms Market R off the fwy- great for take away sushi. L-off the fwy is the Hyatt next to that is Brent's Deli. Great meals everytime!
      Down the fwy the other way, of course you're running into "the valley". What ever you want you'll have - Topanga Pizza on Ventura (S side) and Corbin (next to Corbin Bowl -in a strip mall. For a good burger - The Habit down the street a piece North side in the shopping plaza w/Smart and Final. I personally love the Albacore sammys! Topanga and Ventura -Gorikee and Lotus Inn (I think) great chinese food! Across the street Le Bon French Bakery yum. Next to it: Safta's Israeli Restaurant - ok, take out. Happy Eating!

      1. I rather like Cosmos (across from the Commons) for casual fare, esp the artichoke app, the sides options, the roast chicken and fish.

        Damon & Pythia's for good salads.

        Second the rec for King's.

        When Dad lived in Calabasas when I was a kid, we used to go to Label's Table almost every Sunday.

        1. If you are looking for a good fine dinning experience in a rustic setting you might try Saddle Peak Lodge, which is located in the mountains in Calabasas.


          1. Sagebrush Cantina is best for breakfast or for drinks on the patio, the regular lunch/dinner fare is so-so in my opinion. We eat breakfast there some Saturdays and hit the Calabasas Farmers market across the street.

            Agree that Damon & Pythas in the commons is good for salads and sandwiches. (The half sandwich / half salad combo is a good deal and enough food for two.) The Riviera Wine Bar in the shopping center across from the Commons is excellent - an upscale french / mediterranean focus. Cosmos is in this same shopping center, and is also good (mediterranean / comfort food), but a little more casual. Cafe Marmalade in the commons, in my opinion, is best for breakfast, but still has some good options for lunch and dinner. The Mia Piace in the Commons is ok for Italian, but is pretty noisey, and sometimes feels more like an upscale Chuck-e-cheese if you know what I mean.

            For Mexican, we like the Adobe Cantina on Agoura Rd just before Kanaan Rd. They have a killer margarita menu, some good non-mexican fare including the ribs and a great outdoor patio. We also like La Paz Mexican Seafood just south of Agoura Rd on Las Virgines.

            Padri's is a nice somewhat upscale Italian place on Agoura Rd. Wood Ranch BBQ is just off Agoura Rd at the Whizin Ctr ( you can see it from the 101). Just east on Roadside Dr from Wood Ranch is a small place called Willy's Smokin' BBQ, which is quite good but not terribly fancy.

            Terri's Cafe on Agoura Rd just before Reyes Adobe has some great food (particularly the specials) at very reasonable prices and is very casual. The same shopping center has Moz Buddha Bar which can be a fun place.

            Dolcetto's in a shopping center on Kaanan north of the 101, is a nice "red checked tablecloth" Italian restuarant.

            We also dine regularly at some places in Westlake Village: Boccacios on the Lake on Lindero Canyon (south of the 101) is a nice Italian place, and quite romatic. Patio dining by the lake around sunset is nice. There are two nice upscale places in the new Four Seasons Hotel north of the 101 on Lindero Canyon. Also think that the Fin's restuarant in Westlake Village is less a mob scene than the one in Old Town Calabasas. The same shopping center in Westlake that has Fins has Galletto Bar and Grill (good Portuguese and Italian options), and Tuscany for Italian. We often eat at Jacks Rest. and Deli in this same shopping center, but more for the fact that they allow dogs on the patio than for the food. (If you go stick to breakfast items, bloody marys, and the sandwiches.)

            Branching out further, if you go to Woodland Hills, you have both Flemings Steakhouse and Roy's on Topanga by the mall, and Kate Mantellini by the Marriot. We also like the Farm of BH branch in the mall - same menu as the original, just less ambience. There is also now Mastro's Steakhouse open in Thousand Oaks.

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              Hey guys, thanks so much for this! It seems like dining in Calabasas is much less of the wasteland I had expected.