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May 17, 2007 08:30 PM

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Kado, Izaka-ya, Tokyo Table, Gonpachi, Celadon

Which of these would be the best choice for a birthday dinner for 12 people? In terms of ambiance, space, food, price?

1. Kado
2. Izaka-ya
3. Tokyo Table
4. Gonpachi
5. Celadon

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  1. Gonpachi- ask to be seated on the second floor

    1. I love Celadon. Great food and interesting drinks. It's a good space and they have a room that can house a large table for a party. I was there last Saturday night and there were two parties about the size you are describing in the room.

      Pricewise, it's not cheap. We had dinner for four and ate a ton -- 10 plates (including five of the entrees) plust two desserts to share -- and each had two cocktails. Total was about $85 per person before tax.

      1. I would choose Celadon... Just a great fun space and interesting food choices. Gonpachi did absolutely nothing for us...


        1. The Teppen table at Kado was fun --- but I think it only fits 8 people. The restaurant is huge, so I'm sure they could accomodate 12 people in one of their various rooms. The food was pretty good and we loved the sake sampler

          1. Celadon is great- the food is good, fun to share and atmopshere is very lovely. I'd skip Gonpachi right now as they are having MAJOR staffing issues- most of the top level staff have quit and they've had to bring in a new team. I'm dying to go but will wait for a couple of months- I love Gonpachi in Tokyo.......