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May 17, 2007 08:14 PM

Frying corn tortillas for tacos...

Please give me your best strategy. I absolutely HATE biting into a taco and having the whole thing fall apart on my plate. How can I make this NOT happen? I don't want a taco with a pointy end; how best to keep it rounded and crispy???

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  1. This might not be the answer you are looking for, but my senora in Mexico only fried tortillas for tacos/enchiladas for a few seconds. I think it was really just to make them pliable.

    Maybe if you don't fry them all the way. . . .


    1. i put about an inch of oil in a frying pan and put the shell in for about 20 seconds and then flip it. then I use two forks to fold it in half (into a taco shape). cook both sides of the taco and then put it on paper towel to drain.

      some people only fry it for a little bit - but i like the restaurant style crispy shells.

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        I do something like this but I don't fold them. I probably only fry them for about 10 seconds per side and than I flip them. I place on paper towels to drain. So they are flat and you fold them after the ingredients are added.

      2. Last night I tried the method suggested in the latest Eating Well magazine. I steamed the tortillas in the microwave just until pliable, sprayed on them both sides with Pam, then inverted them over the racks in my oven. The temperature was 375 degrees. I kept an eye on them until they were crisp. Not as good as deep fried at restaurants, but better than boxed and a lot healthier.

        1. my friends mom frys them with the meat inside, like Tito's and hers don't fall apart.

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            I put the meat inside too. I lightly grease a griddle and heat it up. My griddle holds 6 tortillas. Place the tortillas flat on the griddle and add taco meat in the center. The tortillas should be pliable enough to bend by now. Bend the tortilla over the meat and continue to cook on the "down" side. When browned, flip onto the other side to brown.
            These are semi-fried - partly crispy and partly chewy. They don't seem to break.

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              that sounds like a great idea!

              what do you grease the griddle with and how much oil do you use?

            2. re: LuluTheMagnificent

              I do that, too and the filling somehow doesn't fall out. when frying. I just add the filling, fold, and fry. I use tongs. I didn't heat them on the griddle first, although I sometimes have tacos in which I simply heat the tortilla on the griddle, fill and eat without frying. But with frying as I described, the tacos crisp up really nicely and I never had an issue with breakage. I use store bought corn tortillas.

            3. Take your hard shell Taco and put it under light running water. Shake it off and put in microwave oven for seven to twelve seconds. Still hard but won’t shatter when bitten.