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May 17, 2007 07:54 PM

Best Canolis in L.A.?

Who has the best canolis in LA? Any fantastic deli/bakery combos?

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  1. My boyfriend loves the cannolis at Martino's Bakery.
    He is Italian and from NJ--that makes him an expert, right? : )

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    1. re: sarahvagaca

      Take him to Sarno's on Sunset. It's caffe opera on one side and the other side is bakery that even Rocky would run a mile for. Hey that's amore.

      1. re: letynjery

        You talking about Sarno's on Vermont that has been gone for 7-10 years? If you are, then yes, they had the best canolli in the city. Now one must Try Eagle Rock Bakery, Claro's, Monte Carlo, Mario's or get some shells from Claro's and make your own filling! May Sarno's, Originally from Chicago, RIP !

      2. re: sarahvagaca

        Sarah, thanks a LOT for the mention of Martino's and the link. I actually thought they had gone out of business when their previous location on Alameda was vacated.

        1. re: Sam D.

          Try the blueberry or cranberry tea cakes, very good.

        2. I'm no expert, but I loved the one I got at Vito's Pizza on La Cienega last week.

          1. Go to Eagle Rock Bakery on Saturday morning about 11:30am. Have them fill your canoli as you like'em and get some of that fresh hot pizza bread as they carry it out from the oven.

            Eagle Rock Bakery (fresh baked Italian sandwich bread and top quality Italian meats and cheese, cookies, canoli, cakes)
            1726 Colorado Blvd.
            Los Angeles, CA 90041
            (323) 255-8224
            Mon-Sat - 8:00am-6:00pm, Sun - 9:30am-1:00pm

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            1. re: JeetJet

              Had some fabulous cannoli at Antica Pizzeria on Maxella in the Marina. Plus they have perhaps the best pizza in LA.


              1. re: Jeryy

                I like them at Al Geloto

                806 S Robertson Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA 90035
                (310) 659-8069

            2. Palermo Restaurant on North Vermont has good homemade cannolis, Tony makes them himself.