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May 17, 2007 07:54 PM

Best eats on trip from Boston to Camden Maine?

Traveling next month from Logan airport to Camden Maine. Looking for rec's for "must stop" eating locations. Might just be an ice cream stand or a uniquely New England dining experience.

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  1. Route 1 - Kelly's Roast Beef. Roast beef sandwiches aren't uniquely New England but the place is an institution of sorts.

    You MUST stop at the Clam Box in Ipswich. Don't let a line keep you away. IMO you'll find the best fried clams in New England there.

    The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH is pretty great. My favorite NE breakfast place.

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      Pick up a dozen doughnuts from Congden's in Wells right on Rt 1. Mom and Pop operation with the best doughnuts around. Great road snack !!!

    2. Flo's in Wells, ME. Also maybe the Maine Diner in Wells. Have had decent fried seafood at Mike's in Wells and a seafood platter at York's Best on the southbound side of the road. Also Bob's in Kittery for fried clams. Hampton Beach has Nana Mal's on the southbound side for hot dogs and there's a good seafood joint just past the plazas on the northbound side in Hampton, can't remember the name. Set back a little from the road. All of this is on Rt. 1. And just off Rt. 1 is Ray's hot dogs in Saco.

      1. go to New England Road trip , Apr 25 for 14 suggestions. Conte's in Rockland is one of our favs.

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          Joanie, how do i go to New England Road trip? Is that a separate website?

        2. Starting in southern maine, try Bob's Clam Hut (fried clams), Sea Basket (wiscasset- best fried everything), Red's Eats (world's greatest lobster roll, imho- be sure to get 2 of them, cause waiting on that line again is no fun in the heat,) Moody's Diner Waldaboro (classic, family run for almost a century, maine diner fare- boiled dinner, incredible breakfasts of every kind, amazing real turkey dinner w/ gravy, a grilled cheese w/ bacon of doom, and some of the greatest pies in the world- 4 berry, maine blueberry (in season), chocolate pudding pie, still baked with lard in the crust- unreal, and great cake donuts)- GO TO MOODY'S and RED'S. these spots DEFINE "must stop", imho... enjoy frankbooth (jonesing for a red's lobster roll in brooklyn)

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            Thank you guys for some great rec's. Frankbooth, can you tell me where Bob's Clam Hut and Moody's are?

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              Bob's Clam Hut is in Kittery RIGHT over the border as you are driving from Portsmouth. you go over the bridge at portsmouth and take the kittery rt.1 exit- follow rt. 1 N for about 1/2 a mile and you are there. but be warned - in peak summer season it can be both a traffic and line nightmare around bob's - the outlet stores are there and sometimes it is just jammed. plan accordingly.
              Moody's Diner is also on Rt. 1, in Waldaboro ME, a few towns before camden (meaning camden is at least 20 minutes past waldaboro- everything in maine is AT LEAST 20 minutes drive and i love that. You can't miss moody's diner- it's right past the only big interstection with a light in downton waldaboro- you'll pass Deb's diner, which usually looks empty, then a few gas stations, go to the top of the hill, and moody's neon will shine. you can't miss it. there's a great bakery across the street, but you won't need that after a meal at moody's.
              and did i mention, DO NOT miss a lobster roll at red's eats in wiscasset- also on rt. 1 and i want one right now... enjoy fb

              1. re: frankbooth

                Red's and Moody's were actually going to my two musts, so here's a second yea for each of those. I'm not much a lobster-roll gal, but Red's haddock sandwich is also worth that sometimes long wait on line.

                Also close to a must is Becky's Diner on Commercial St in Portland, right on the waterfront (think working-scenic, not rural-scenic) and with a true Maine crowd.

                Oh! And Friendly Toast, mentioned earlier, is great as well--definitely best for breakfast food in Portsmouth.

          2. Don't miss a wine tasting at Cellar Door Winery. It's just north of Camden in Lincolnville but a short drive off Rt 1.

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              Cellardoor winery is very nice, and if you want an incredible dinner, go to Franice Bistro in Camden, the chef has been in Gourmet, Food and Wine, tons of 4 and 5 star reviews. It's even better than Primo's, which is also excellent.
              Not to be argumentative, but Conte's is pretty out there, it's a little on the dirty side and the owner, John, is tempermental and will close on a whim if he feels like it. They have lost a lot of my associates as clients for the dirty atmosphere and odd behavior.

              1. re: aynne35

                Yes, Conte's is quirky. If you go there often it's charm wears off pretty quickly but for out of towners it's captivating. When my friends reminisce about their visits with us in Maine, Conte's is always one of the first things they mention.